Top 7 Electric Mopeds

Two-wheel electric vehicles still prevail when it comes to the perfect urban transportation compared to larger electric vehicles. These means of transportation are perfect examples for low running costs, great manoeuvrability and affordable starting costs. Nowadays electric bicycles come in all shapes and sizes. But it seems that everyone seems to be excited with motorcycle-styled moped look models. Here we are exploring the top 7 electric mopeds models within this family of peddles or all-electric bikes, highlighting their major specifications and comparing the pricing ranges.

Juiced Bikes Scorpion

Juiced Bikes is a popular San Diego based manufacturer already known for high quality electric bicycles like ripcurrent, crosscurrent and a scrambler, their latest Indigogo campaign is giving us yet another model named Scorpion. It is a peddle bike with a step through frame, a short seat, slick fat tires and a round eye headlight. There are two versions of the bike mainly differentiated by the power output of the rear mounted Bafang Motors. The standard Scorpion makes 750 Watt, while the hyper Scorpion is rated at 1 Kilowatt. Just like a legit motorcycle, this Jucied model has a full suspension represented by a front fork with coil suspension and hydraulic lockout and a spring loaded swing arm rear suspension. Price $ 2,400

Monday Motorbikes Gen7

The 7th generation Monday Motorbikes is one of those models that does come with pedals but makes sure that you can ride around without needing to use them much. The two-wheeler is motivated by a 2.25 kilowatt hour removable battery and a 750 watt brushless motor, which is managed by the twist of a throttle. By pushing just one button, you can switch between two performance modes: economy that allows for up to 160 kilometers of riding on charge or sports that has a maximum speed of 72 kilometers off road. In addition, you get a sophisticated LED headlight with high and low beams, LCD dash and hydraulic disc brakes recuperating the kinetic energy to charge your battery on the go. Price $4,500

Ruff Cycles Lil’Buddy

Don’t be fooled by its name, the Ruff Cycle Lil’ Buddy is a regular size fat-bike that towers over the competition due to the use of a high quality middle mounted Bosch Motor rather than a wheel hub one. The production cycle is taking place in Europe so the manufacture insists on the higher reliability standards of their makes. Each frame is hand welded; seats are made of genuine leather, while Bosch Motors and batteries from active and performance CX Lines will never let you down. With the Lil’ Buddy, your way is lit with the supernova light set and Kenda 20/4 inch tyres provide solid grip on the road. It comes with a 100 kilometres drive range with top speed of 25 kilometres. Price $2,700.

Tempus Titan eBikes

The Canadian Tempus electric bikes has been building electric bicycles for over 5 years now, with their current Titan model arriving in summer 2020. The bicycle has a large LED headlight, a skateboard seat and an artificial tank with dents for knees borrowing its exterior features from classic Café Racers. The colour LCD display tells time, speed and battery performance, while the push-button start can be protected with a password. The base model is called Titan C and it comes with a 500 Watt rear hub motor, which quickly reaches a top speed of 33 kilometeres and covers upto 50 kilometeres of range. The Titan R gets a 1000 Watt motor and offers a 40% improvement in performance and range. Price$2,500.

UDX Electric Fatbike

For some reason, till this day no one has thought about creating an electric BMX bicycle. The arrival of the all new UDX by the Berlin based urban drive style, will fix this terrible oversight. Choice of three battery sizes will give you 20 to 50 kilometres of range and you can additionally choose between full suspension, fork or rugged steel frame with five frame colours. The UDX gets a powerful 750 Watt rear hub motor but its maximum speed of 45 kilometres per hour. Price $1,600.

eRockit Electric Bike

This hybrid of a bicycle and a motorcycle has been under development since 2008, undergoing hundreds of modifications and real world tests in the process. Through eRockit can outrun many electric motorcycles, the manufacturer refuses to call its product an E- Motorbike and the reason is its pedals. The eRockit offers a unique muscle power multiplication mechanism, dubbed a human hybrid. Once you start peddling, the pushing power is transferred to the mid frame electric generator, which multiplies the kinetic energy and gives a potent forward thrust. Such a drive system depending on conditions can top at 88 kilometres per hour and deliver up to 120 kilometres of range. Price $11,000.

SURU Scramblers

Created by a team of experienced motorcycle engineers and designers, the SURU is all new e-bicycle model that reinterprets technology first implemented in the Amarok P1 electric superbike. It sits on all aluminium monocoque fitted with a motorcycle suspension and 17 inch alloy wheels wrapped in knobby tyres that are good enough for riding trails. Powered by a 500 Watt e-motor and a removable under seat battery, the SUU is assembled in Canada, while 60% of its parts are also produced locally. The stylish bike is a available in 5 design choices and to meet your market regulations it has an optional EU-US 250Watt & 750Watt motor. Price $2,600.

What do you think about these stunning top 7 electric mopeds? Do you think they are better by having paddles? Please share your thoughts in the comment and tell us about your favourite electric paddle moped and will you switch from motorcycles to a smaller zero emission electric moped.

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