Top 5 Luxury Electric Cars

With the likes of brilliant Tesla’s, Porsches and Mercedes moving into the future powerful electric cars, electric car manufactures are now testing the EV market with the luxury electric car of the nearest future. Even though the luxury target audience is very narrow, you will be impressed how many brands are already offering super ultra-expensive electric cars to the buyers. Interested to know what hold in our top 5 luxury electric cars list? let’s find out.

Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e Concept

Bentley EXP 12-Speed 6E Concept. Even though Bentley Motors have been reluctant to accept the upcoming era of the EVs for a long time, it seems they are finally ready to enter the market and their first attempt to stay ahead of the game within the luxury segment of automobiles comes in the body of EXP 12-speed 6E concept, that is an all-electric convertible with the body that reminds an aircraft fuselage and emanates power athleticism and luxury. This Bentley 6E concept represents the future vision of design for all the upcoming models from this car manufacturer.

The developers chose to abandon regular rear view mirrors and substituted them with cameras with the images projecting of the corners of the windshield as per the manufacturer we can expect outstanding range from this EV which will be sufficient enough for grand touring. The EXP 12-speed 6E concept will support fast inductive charging so there will be no need for long ports and sockets, you have to just park the car and wait until the battery recharges and replenishes. Among the most prominent characteristics we should also mention the outstanding on-board concierge services provided by the state of the art software, handcrafted elements and the highest quality materials which you will except from Bentley.


This car concept is the second model produced by the American based Chinese funded start-ups that became first known after delivering the world’s fastest autonomous all-electric car NIO EP9, with NIO EVE the developers are trying to enter the luxury market segment and change the way we are experiencing daily car rides. The EVE is a spacious five seat pure electric vehicle that could be categorized as a minivan. It has a wide sliding doors that provide access to  lounge like cabin that will most likely remind you of a private jet interior with fully reclining seats and leather finishing and could be rearranged just as your living room could.

Do not expect to find the steering wheel or paddles inside, those will only reveal themselves from the dashboard if the car needs to hand over the controls. Otherwise, state of the art technology will drive the car autonomously to your final destination and you will be able to relax, watch some TV, browse the internet or do anything you want as if you were at home. Moreover, NEO’s package includes an artificial intelligence assistance  called know me that will learn about your interest, likes, cabin environment preferences and will make sure that you are always enjoying the ride.

Varsovia Concept

There are several luxury and business class electric cars in the market today but most of them look bleak compared to the Versovia Concepts understanding of luxury. The extraordinary design features of the exterior are coupled with a futuristic design approach in the interior as the interior is configured to ensure maximum comfort for the passengers. The front passenger’s seat was replaced by functional foot rest that can be transformed into a pull out table with a keyboard. A wide array of high-tech features includes pop-out 19’ display and satellite internet connectivity. Despite being surprisingly stylish Versovia will also be incredibly quiet thanks to the all-electric powertrain.

The versovia setup will enable it to go up to 345 kilometers in the electric mode but if you are afraid of the range anxiety issue the car will also have an installed range extender engine that can provide an additional 500 kilometers of range so the car has a combined range of 844 kilometers and can still show great driving dynamics. Versovia is expected to accelerate from 0-100 KMS in just 5 seconds. The first limited production series of this car will include only 50 units. This first  automotive product will make or break the future of Versovia motors as an electric car manufacture

DS E-Tense

DS automobiles is a premium sub brand of Citroen which was launched in 2014 and managed to cause quiet a buzz by their first creation DS E-Tense. The two seat electric luxurious sports car received a carbon monocoque chassis with a massive 53 kilowatt hour battery pack hidden underneath it, such battery placement keeps the center of gravity low and enables even towards distribution between the axels, the lithium-ion battery pack feeds the power to the electric powertrain which is capable of producing 402 horsepower and 389nm of torque.

With such technical specification the acceleration to the 0-100 KPH speed takes 4.5 seconds, while the maximum speed is limited to 250 kilometers per hour. Despite its sporty character and performance DS E-Tense will be able to cover the distances of up to 362 kilometers on a single charge. The creators of DS E-Tense wanted to create a fusion of performance with traditional French craftsmanship to serve it in one luxury package. When looking both at the interior and exterior of the car it is hard not to notice how well luxury elements and high-tech capabilities were merged together into one avant garde creation.

Vision Mercedes Maybach 6

This is the latest ultra-stylish luxury class prototype by the famous manufacture Mercedes Benz. For this vehicle concept German engineers and designers try to combine classic design elements in the exterior with futuristic elements in the interiors. The manufacture made sure that your ride will not only provide highest level of comfort but will be fast nd efficient. Vision Mercedes Maybach 6 is equipped with permanent magnet synchronous electric motors that produce 750 horsepower. This power is produced by 80 kilowatt hour battery pack with a total driving range of 500 kilometers.

Regardless the fact that the vehicle can go from 0-100 KPH in less than 4 seconds and drive at speeds up-to 250 kilometers per hour. The Vision Mercedes Maybach 6 was also graded to support the latest generation charging system that can extend the cars range by 100 kilometers in just 5 minutes. Although the Vision Mercedes Maybach 6 is very unlikely to hit mass production but this just show such international auto manufacture are serious about electric cars and willing to spend millions on development and research

Since the electric powered cars are bound to take over the automotive market, I bet you must have noticed that we are entering the age of electric cars with new meaning of transportation. Do these top 5 luxury electric cars satisfy your expectations? Don’t forget to tell us which are your favourite electric luxury car

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