Top 5 Luxury Electric Cars Part 2

Electric Cars are welcomed as the destiny of auto making. We all agree to this fact with this notion and today we have listed out top 5 luxury electric cars with astonishing innovations and mechanical developments. So get amped up for the most stunning Electric Cars models that have been introduced to the world. Enjoy the Ride!


Peugeot unveiled the new version of the future of automobiles at the 2018 Paris Motor Show as environmentally conscious and technologically advanced means of transportation, the PEUGEOT E-LEGEND. Both inside and out the concept is inspired by the 504 coupe the brands classic model from the 1970’s. It has a wide wind shield a sharp silhouette and signature lion claws in the taillights. Plus the cabin holds luxury velvet upholstery paired with the wood finish in the upper parts, doorways and panels. Most importantly the concept comes with an idea of I cockpit which chooses autonomous driving technology with four driving modes. Off course the E-Legend is all electric with over 450 horsepower and 670 NM of torque under the hood. A fast charge option gives 600 KM range.


Lucid Air is premium electric sedan that was produced by Sino-American start-up called Lucid Motors. In case you missed it Tesla Model S is the only premium electric sedan that is worth mentioning today so Lucid Air will feed tough competition right off the bat. Lucid Air is expected to hit the market in 2020. It is powered by two electric motors one on the front axle and one on the rear axle. With the combined power output of over 1000 horsepower, The Lucid Air will have a speed of 0-60 in just 2.5 seconds and mind blowing acceleration to limit the top speed of 300 kilometers per hour.

Unlike many other electric cars out there, Lucid Air will fully coupe with the range anxiety problems by offering either 100 kilowatt battery pack or 130 kilowatt battery pack with 400 kilometers and 645 kilometers per hour range. On the inside the passengers can be treated with unprecedented comfort by the rear executive seats that give you upto 55 degrees angle of recline just like the first-class aircraft seating’s experience, only now in the back of this car. With the most comfortable driving experience, best technology in the market and precise handling the Lucid looks a complete package all together. It is only open for pre-orders with first few special editions and only 225 units will be made. In my personal opinion this then is a bargain if you are considering buying one.


GLM G4 is a luxury electric supercar presented by Green Lord Motors. This vehicle is supposed to bring extra attention to the electric sports car segment as well as help this Japanese automotive company gain reputation of a high end electric car manufacture. The concept vehicle was equipped with two electric motors that produce close to 532 horsepower and about 737 ft of torque. The twin motor system is coordinated to continuously calculate the road surface and allowing the driver to have access to the maximum traction.

Although during the official presentation the creators of GLM G4 didn’t disclose capacity of the installed battery but they ensured that the final version of G4 will be able to cover distances upto 400 kilometers in a single charge. Such figures sound impressive especially when taking into consideration the fact that GLM G4 shows the 0-100 KPH of 3.7 seconds. Although the GLM G4 was created as a premium class car with a super car performance it also received a robust exterior that provides high interior comfort for four passengers and upwards opening doors that not only looks incredible stylish.


The futuristic concept of EZ-ULTIMO showcased at 2018 Paris Motor Show the home platform of Renault, as far from a usual car as a part of the company’s concept trilogy of shared mobility vehicles which also includes easy go and easy pro. The EZ-ULTIMO is fully electric and autonomous. In fact it has no driver seat at all and features the level four driving automation technology.

With the length of 18.7ft and height of only 4.4ft the concept looks like a limo supercar hybrid. The upper part of its body in made of 600 diamond shaped facets working as a one way mirror and providing the desired privacy to the passengers. The Ultimo can accommodate three people and looks like a snug living room on the inside. The luxurious interior features wooden floor, Marble band and leather seats. The cabin has ambient lighting for more intimacy while its transparent ceiling creates a canopy like feel. The estimated full charge range of EZ-Ultimo is expected around 500 KM.

Renault Trezor

Renault has entered the competition for making the best electric sports car by releasing the Trezor. It is a concept EV which is equipped with electric modern technology that has been tested by the Renault racing team in Formula-E. The Trezor electric motors make an output of 350 horsepower which is powerful enough to push this sports car from 0-100 kilometers per hour in less than 4 seconds. The electric motor is powered by two batteries that are using their own cooling systems to guarantee maximum performance.

The body components of the Trezor are made of carbon-fiber prototypes decreases the overall weight of the car. It also equipped with Formula-E type regenerator braking system helps to fill up the batteries on the go and increase the overall range. The last thing everyone should know about this car is that it doesn’t have any doors and in order to get inside, the driver has to lift the upper part of the vehicle to get submerged in the futuristic looking cabin.

I hope you enjoyed the glimpse into the top 5 luxury electric cars of auto-making. If you like our views don’t forget to leave your thoughts & comments down below and share this with your friends to promote electric cars for the Future.

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