Top 5 Electric Vans

What would be the most versatile vehicles offered by the automotive world, how about Vans. With all the alteration and variations you can equip a van with a couple rows of seats in the back and you’ve got yourself a shuttle. Remove away everything and it’s a perfect cargo vehicle for your business or you can even turn it into a motorhome. Vans do sound perfect indeed, but is there any way to improve these four-wheelers even further? Well Yes! Why not electrify them. Today we have a list of top 5 electric vans which are latest newcomers equipped with fully electric motors that offer environmentally friendly driving, torquey performance and noiseless comfortable cabins. Enjoy the ride!

Nissan e-NV 200

As we can see the electric SUV market seems to be gaining new number with amazing designs, the multipurpose vehicles fall short an doesn’t have many prominent followers. However we would like to highlight this Nissan E-NV200 as one the option we can consider. This EV can easily seat 7 passengers with foldable option for rear seats which increases the cargo capacity. Best feature is it utilizes the same battery technology that is already installed on other Nissan electric cars models. The electric motor is coupled by 109 horse power with 40 kilowatt per hour battery which will give you a range of 200 kilometers. 

Mercedes Vito

We have known for a while now that Mercedes plans to electrify all their vehicles by 2022 and the first commercial vehicle to receive the upgrade is the e-Vito van. The Vito has the range 145 kilometers but drops to 100 kilometers when fully loaded. The electric motor comes with 113 horsepower which is delivered by 41 kilowatt hour battery that takes 6 hours to recharge. The top speed is up to 120 kilometers KPH and payload of 1000 KGM with cargo volume with 210 cubic feet. Besides receiving the electric powertrain Mercedes Vito will be the first model to get geared up with new electronics to help the business monitor all the vehicles and improve efficiency. The pricing will start from $40,000.  


MOIA is the new company in the VW Group formed back in 2016 with a task to redefine urban mobility the independent offices are located in Berlin, Hamburg and Helsinki were besides the car design a special software is developed for ride hailing and ride pooling services. The first MOIA autonomous vehicle is a six passenger van with cozy interior room, individual seats, cabin LED lightening and Wi-Fi. At the moment the company is concentrating in the development of the electric drive. The MOIA will have 300 kilometers of range with 30 minutes fast charge options.

Renault Kangoo

Small business owners, delivery services and taxi drivers, who are looking for an affordable type of transport with lower running costs, should definitely learn about Kangoo ZE. This electric van is brought to motion with the 60 horsepower motor that makes 166 nm of torque draws power from a dense battery. With fully charged pack you can cover the distance of 133 kilometers with a payload of up to 635 kilograms. When the battery runs low, it can be recharged in 10 hours from a household outlet or in 6 hours at a special charging station. 


In order to compete in the tough market of short range transportation IVECO had to make their electric vans as versatile as possible and close every imaginable niche. The Daily electric can be factory assemble to possess a body of refrigerator, passenger shuttle, motorhomes, dumpster or cargo truck. Depending on the chosen set up it will be geared up with either 80 to 107 horsepower motor. The standard battery should be enough to charge for 282 kilometers of range. Cargo volume reaches 700 cubic feet with the gross weight of 5 tons. If IVECO continues investing into development of their electric cargo vans chances are they will stop producing IC models for good.


Bonus update. Unlike many models in the list, the ID Buzz is one of a kind built that was created only for motor shows. This van has officially confirmed by VW and scheduled for production in 2022 and its design will be reminiscent of the Mini Buzz of 1960s. The Buzz promised to be affordable for millions of people and not just the very rich. It will be sitting on the modular electric drive kit XL platform with two motors in the front and two at the rear axels. Each motor will have an output of 150 kilowatt and combined will deliver 275 kilowatt. This allows Buzz ID to accelerate 0-100 KPH in just 5 seconds and will reach a top speed of 161 kilometers per hour. One charge will take you 600 kilometers towards your destination. However the beauty of long trips in this EV is the comfort. Since the diving could be entrusted to the 100% autonomous ID pilot

With the promising Furture of electric transportation and Govt incentives, overall maintenance cost, gas & fuel saving allows you to cut down on the transportation budget of your family or company significantly. Please share your thought in the comments below about vans going electric and which is your favourite amongst the top 5 electric vans listed above.

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