Top 5 Electric Superbikes

Year after year the Automotive community is getting closer to the consensus that the future of ground transportation is electric but is this the case for motorcycles and especially superbikes which unlike cars are strongly effected by heavy batteries and thus rarely offers inadequate and performance. Well today we’ll demonstrate you the top 5 electric superbikes line-up of all-electric superbikes that already defy any existing prejudice about the two wheeled EV’s. Noiseless riding, immediate torque accelerations and truly fast speeds, this is what these bikes are all about.

Harley Davidson Livewire

The 2020 model here will be remembered by the motorcycling community as an attempt of HD to explore new classes and consequently capture younger generation of riders to boost their sales. The Livewire electric street fighter is a part of this initiative and it is the first battery powered street bike from the major Manufacturer. Brought to life by a 74 horsepower motor it zooms to 0-100 kilometers per in 3 seconds. The high voltage battery gives you 235 kilometers of city range. The livewire is the first Harley to get a fully adjustable suspension from Shova. Moreover such features as Brembo brakes with ABS protection traction control and drag torque slip control system are standard. Price $30,000

Sarolea Manx7

This all-electric road legal bike form the Belgium manufacturer Sarolea is based on the brands SB7 racing motorcycle that had been a frequent participant of the Isle of Man TT zero race since 2014 and took part in the 24Hourof Lemans in 2018. The Manx7 sits on the hand crafted carbon fibre monocoque chassis and its swing arm is also made of carbon fibre. This construction ensures perfect 50/50 weight distribution and decreases the bikes weight to 213 kilograms. The model comes powered by an air-cooled brushless DC motor that packs 163 horsepower that produces a max speed of 241 kilometers per hour and 0-100 in just 2.8 seconds. Price $48,000

Lito Sora Gen1 + Gen2

5 years ago the Canadian lito motorcycles introduces a revolutionary machine the Lito Sora. Back then it was a ground breaker and first ever electric bike able to cover 200 kilometers on a single charge well topping at the remarkable 190 kilometers per hour mark. To celebrate its 10th anniversary Lito returns with the second generation of their bike refining its performance figures to a whole new level. The Sora Gen2 becomes more powerful; its electric drivetrain gets a 50% power increase and now delivers 108 horsepower. The battery capacity grows from 12-18 kilowatt hour and it should be enough to cover the maximum range of 290 kilometers. The Sora boasts of 0-100 in just 3 seconds. The exterior resembles the earlier version with two key differences an electrically adjustable seat and a CVT transmission. Price $82,000

2020 Arc Vector

Handcrafted in Britain the Arc Vector is a limited series performance motorcycle that comes featuring innovative chassis technology and offers an integrated human machine interface. The two-wheeler sits on the company developed monocoque that integrates a 17 kilowatt hour battery and is fitted with carbon fibre swing arms and brembo brakes. It also comes with a unique auto pilot system that connects to a specially developed haptic jacket and a Wifi enabled Arc zenith helmet and heads up display. The system notifies the rider about possible dangers bikes performance and environment changes. In addition the Arc vector is expected to accelerate to 0-100 in 3.2 seconds and if ridden economically should travel 435 kilometrs when fully charged. Price $90,000

Emflux One

India is the largest two-wheeler market on the planet which us brings the world most affordable electric superbike called Emflux One. This electric bike is powered AC induction electric motor that produces 71 horsepower and lithium ion battery supplied by Samsung. The Emflux One is going to have a 200 kilometers range on a full charge. This powertrain allows the electric superbike to accelerate from 0-100 in 3 seconds and develop a top speed of 200 kilometers per hour. The Emflux’s creation features a cutting edge electronics including a 6.8 inch TFT instrument screen, real time vehicle diagnostics and smart phone connectivity. All in all it sounds like an awesome bike but unfortunately the price sounds too good to be true. Price $7,700

Do you agree that the electric motorcycles and superbikes are already breathing down the neck of gasoline models? Tell us what you think about the top 5 electric superbikes of the future prospects of EV’s. 

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