Top 5 Electric Superbikes

Year after year the Automotive community is getting closer to the consensus that the future of ground transportation is electric but is this the case for motorcycles and especially superbikes which unlike cars are strongly effected by heavy batteries and thus rarely offers inadequate and performance. Well today we’ll demonstrate you the top 5 electric superbikes line-up of all-electric superbikes that already defy any existing prejudice about the two wheeled EV’s. Noiseless riding, immediate torque accelerations and truly fast speeds, this is what these bikes are all about.

Damon Hypersport

Probably one of the loudest announcements at the 2020 CS which consequently won the prize in the best innovation was the all new electric shape shifting motorcycles by the Vancouver based start-up Damon. Besides impressive 320 kilometers of range and the combined highway city running cycle, 200 horsepower 148 pound feet of torque and below 3 seconds 0-100, this 2 wheeler benefits from multiple patented features. First off the hyper sport utilizes the shift technology that transforms the bikes ergonomics from aggressive sports riding position to a confortable cruising layout. Secondly, its co-pilot 360 advanced warning system analyses the road and gives the rider haptic and visual feedback about the dangers. Initially Damon will start with 25 limited editions models packed with 149 kilowatt motor, Brembo brakes and carbon fibre swing arm. Price $40,000.

Eindhoven Storm Wave

Developed by the team of 23 students from the Eindhoven University of Technology, the Storm Wave is claimed to be the world’s first electric touring motorcycle. It is an improved version of the Storm Pulse concept, which features a 70 kilowatt electric motor and an innovative modular battery pack. The latter not only gives the bike a range of more than 370 kilometers per charge, but also allows for the fast battery replacement and customization of its capacity based on the rider’s needs. Plus, its stability on the road is ensured by a company developed Hossack front suspension. Top speed reaches upto 160 kilometers per hour and 0-100 KPH in 5 seconds. It comes with a 28.5 Kilowatt hour lithium ion modular battery with a charging time of maximum 8 hours and fast charge to 80 % in 38 minutes. Price $-TBA.

Curtiss Zeus & Hera

Confederate Motorcycles has been on the market since 1997, and in 2017, the company started operation under a new name, Curtiss; honouring the bike and aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss. In 2019, the brand unveiled their first electric model with the futuristic Hera, which is based on the 1907 motorcycle by Curtiss and the mighty Zeus, which gets bobber and Café racer varients. The first one is also referred to as the company’s new V8 as it is fitted with an 8-piece battery pack, arranged in the V8 formation under the seat. The bike is expected to offer 450 kilometers of range and can hit 100 KPH in just 2 seconds. Expected to launch in 2020 it will be powered by E-twin 140 KW motor and fully adjustable suspension for riders preference. Price $60,000.

Segway Apex

Segway is an American manufacturer of electric self-balancing scooters and unicycles which is now owned by the Chinese conglomerate Ninebot since 2015. Recently, the company has unveiled a new surprising concept but this time its wheels are in line rather than parallel. The Apex is a new electric superbike which is likely to become a production model soon. This electric superbike is rumoured to be based on the Yamaha R6 chassis and is capable of hitting 100 KPH in mere 2.9 seconds while its top speed is allegedly limited by 200 kilometrs per hour mark.

Ethec Electric Bike

Developed as a part of a student project, this model looks nothing like a conventional motorbike. Its design is said to mimic the shape of the human body with a prominent headlight, slim seat and a broader rear. The two wheeler’s main purpose however is to enhance the efficiency of the urban transportation by making every Watt hour count and minimizing energy losses. For this purpose, the team installed a front wheel hub motor to improve braking energy recuperation and make longer riding range possible. As the result, having a 15 kilowatt hour battery, their creation should be capable of conquering 402 kilometers before stopping for a charge. It comes with a 15 kilowatt hour battery with 1260 cells, thermo-electrical cooling system and light weight tubular frame construction. Price $-TBA.

Do you agree that the electric motorcycles and superbikes are already breathing down the neck of gasoline models? Tell us what you think about the top 5 electric superbikes of the future prospects of EV’s. 

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