Top 5 Electric Sports Cars 2020

Having followed the strides of Nissan, Tesla Motors and other companies that helped to establish modern electric car manufacturing and brought EVs to the level we know today, other better known auto brands are entering the field and starting to invest heavily in research of all-electric powertrains and battery packs technology. But what really a sports cars need is a fast acceleration, high top speeds and agility on the road while offering a decent amount of range autonomy. Believe it or not but modern battery powered electric vehicles can easily meet these criteria and there are actually quite a few already existing models out there. Today we dive in the world of performance electric cars with the top 5 electric sports cars 2020.

Nissan Leaf Dual Motor

The second best-selling electric car of all time Nissan Leaf has long need a performance configuration to have a chance catching up with Tesla. Sadly, the production date is not clear but at least we have already seen a dual-motor all-wheel drive Leaf filling it on the test track in Japan. The front and rear mounted EM57 motors bring out combined 394 horsepower and 502 pound feet of torque, a hot hatch level of performance by any benchmark. The test mule of this EV benefits from implementation of an independent brake control, gets enhanced regenerative braking setup and a 12.3 inches display to monitor all of the systems. Estimated range comes of 357 kilometers from a 227 Kilowatt power. Price $43,000+.

Audi E-Tron GT Coupe

Audi will be the second brand within the EV group to receive its own performance electric Grand Tourer. This 4-door coupe is using the same J1 platform as the Porsche Taycan, so the technical characteristics of the two will be pretty similar. The Audi unmistakable DNA boasts of 590 horsepower channelled to the wheels through the signature Quattro all-wheel drive. The interior reminds us of the technological superiority of modern German cars. While also using vegan and recycled materials to highlight the sustainable nature of the vehicle. The key numbers for this Gran Turismo are 3.5 seconds to 0-100 KPH, over 322 kilometers of range and fast charging capability at 350 kilowatt. Release date 2020. Price $80,000.

Aston Martin Rapide-E

Unfortunately, Aston Martin’s financial situation has been worsening for the past couple of years, which forced the iconic James Bond brand to scale down its future ambitions. The first pawn to fall on the Brit’s chess board is the gorgeous electric sports sedan Rapide-E. co-developed since 2015 alongside Williams engineering the model was supported to try on carbon fibre body work to improve aerodynamics by 8%. The two rear mounted electric motors would have ensured rear wheel-drive 612 horsepower,700 pound feet of torque and below 4 seconds 0-100 KPH sprint. The Rapide-E project initially included 155 units, a number not that big, so hopefully it will be resurrected in the nearest future. Price $ 255,000.

Cupra Leon E-Racer

The Spansh SEAT has been competing in rally and touring motorsports championships since 1970s, which finally resulted in the creation of the performance-focused Cupra brand in 2018. Its debut coincided with the premiere of the E-Racer the company’s first model and the world’s first ever all-electric touring car. Based on the petrol powered Leon cup racer, the sportscar received 4 electric motors producing 408 horsepower of continuous output and peaking at 680 horsepower. This power is directed to the rear wheels, while the required juice is supplied 6,072 battery cells which corresponds to 65 Kilowatt hour capacity. Price N/A.

Qiantu K-50 by Mullen

The K50 Coupe by the Chinese automaker has been in production for more than 3 years now but in 2020, it will be finally coming to the US roads. The model will be assembled and homologated in America in partnership with the California based company Mullen. The K50 sits on an aluminium frame while most of its body parts are carbon fibre. The expected US specs are as follows: peak power of 381 horsepower, torque of 428 pound feet and 0-100 KPH of 4.2 seconds. Currently it is already available for pre-order with a reservation fee of $1000 and starting price of $125,000.

Roadster 2.0 by Tesla

Tesla Roadster EV is a bonus entry here as this electric supercar is arguably the most anticipated model within the EV community. Since as claimed by the creator, it will make gasoline car completely obsolete. The Tesla Roadster will start production late 2020 and priced at $200,000. It will definitely outshine Italian high performance models. The acceleration to 100 KPH should break the 2 seconds barrier, clocking at 1.9, while the upper velocity will be set at 402 kilometers per hour. It must be mentioned, that the sports coupe is powered by a new generation 3-motor powertrain which has 1000 kilometers of range and will optionally come with 10 cold gas thrusters for improved driving dynamics in Space X trim.

So what is your verdict? Do you agree that electric cars have already caught up with ICE models and overcame them on many levels? What were you reaction about our top 5 electric sports car 2020 listed above. Share your thought in the comments below.

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