Top 5 Electric Buses

When we think electric cars we talk about Tesla’s and other small electric cars in our minds. However what if we told you that in the nearest future all giant trucks, buses and even double decker will be equipped with electric motors. Moreover some of them are already on the roads providing a clean and green transportation. Today we jot down top 5 electric buses which are all electric and emission free public transit in the near future.

Mercedes Citaro

Executives at the Daimler buses estimate that by 2030 as much as 70% of all public transportation will be running on renewable energy. However Mercedes Benz is not going to wait another decade and is set to start the production of Citaro in 2018. There will be a unique bus platform to fit the needs of many urban environments. Electrically driven axles will be positioned by the wheel hubs which will provide the disability for versatile passenger’s layout and customization of the interior. If the manufacture plans to offer various lithium-ion battery packages charging is planned to be carried out by the means of trolley arms or pantographs. Another futuristic feature of Citaro is the upgraded city pilot system and autopilot solution for Mercedes for public transportation.

Geen Power EV550

The Green Power EV550 is a 100% all-electric 45 feet double decker bus that is affordable safe and reliable. The engineers try to reimagine the design of a standard city bus and came up with a structurally superior integrated chassis and mono-coque body. This allowed to produce safer and longer lasting vehicles that ar above all environmentally friendly. Green power EV550 is equipped with a Siemens electric motor that drains charge from a massive 478 kilowatt hour battery which stores enough energy to ensure 386 kilometers of range. It’s worth mentioning that such ange would be sufficient enough even for intercity transportation. EV550 can accommodate upto 100 passengers and should satisfy any requirements that a modern city sets for the clean buses of the future.

Navya Arma

Arma is a fully autonomous self-driving shuttle bus that you can simply board sit down and let it drive you towards your destination. The AI has full control over the vehicle and it experiences the environment by the means of the lighter, GPS, odometer and camera vision. It is an electric vehicle that is powered by 33 kilowatt hour battery that in theory can run to 5-10 hours depending on the traffic conditions. The top speed of this boxy bus is 45 kilometers per hour. However the operational speed is currently set at 20 KPH for safety reasons. The creators of Navya Arma expected it to become a vehicle of choice for amusement parks, hospitals and college campuses or any other location that requires short distance commutes. 

Volvo 7900 Electric Bus

The new Volvo 7900 electric is a true game changer for the public city transportation. It is a full size 39 feet in length bus is brought into motion by 120 horsepower electric motor with 300 pound ftp of torque. It is currently unknown what range we could expect from this electric bus however Volvo s considering a new approach to extending the operational distance of their vehicles. Opportunity charging is suggested as the most efficient way to reduce running costs and increase passenger capacity. Short recuperation sessions on stations equipped with safe charging pylons are suggested instead of overnight charging plus regenerative braking system is installed in every bus. The interior of this elegant city transporter is spacious bright and quiet and lets you enjoy your daily commute. 

Proterra Electric Bus

With the investments of $55 million from BMW i-Venture arm, Proterra is reimaging and reinventing the public transit. Drawing inspiration from energy, aerospace and high tech the Proterra Catalyst is the best performing bus on the road with zero tail pipe emissions. With a low maintenance electric drivetrain energy dense batteries and a light weight impact resistance composite body the Proterra has delivered a stunning leap forward in energy efficiency. The Proterra is powered by a 660 kWh battery with dual electric motor drivetrain which gives a world record breaking range of 1770 kilometers on a single charge. Proterra is known as the Tesla’s of the electric bus world which completely changes the game for the public transit of the future.


(Bonus) MOIA is the new company in the VW Group formed back in 2016 with a task to redefine urban mobility the independent offices are located in Berlin, Hamburg and Helsinki were besides the car design a special software is developed for ride hailing and ride pooling services. The first MOIA autonomous vehicle is a six passenger van with cozy interior room, individual seats, cabin LED lightening and Wi-Fi. At the moment the company is concentrating in the development of the electric drive. The MOIA will have 300 kilometers of range with 30 minutes fast charge options.

With the promising future of electric public transportation and looking at the overall expenses of our car maintenance with high fuel prices, electric buses does sounds like a great move towards our clean and green future. Please share your thought in the comments below about public transit going all-electric and which is your favorite amongst the top 5 electric bus listed above. 

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