Top 5 Electric All-Terrain Vehicles

Hiking is great outdoor activities that can keeps you healthier and connect with the nature as well. There are a plethora of toys you can buy for off-roading, going through rough terrains, sand dunes, snow and mud. However there is one more thing you can do to have twice as much fun and that is by switching it to an electric off-road vehicle. Today we jot down some of the most interesting top 5 electric all-terrain vehicles that can keep your outdoor fun and environmentally friendly at the same time.

Polaris EV Ranger

The Polaris Ranger EV came out in 2016 as the first ever UTV with a lithium ion battery which doubled the range to 80 kilometers and decreased the weight by 220 kilograms. The two-seater in powered by single 48 volt AC induction electric motor with peak output of 30 horsepower and a standard driving mode this ETV is driven by the rear wheels but a true all-wheel drive is available on demand. You also get lots of kit accessories available from the manufacturer helps for a wide range of tasks.

Rangu Juggernaut

Do you still think that a three-wheeler is a kids bike? You will change your mind once you see the new Rangu Juggernaut electric tri-cycle. It can seem as a typical fat bike but the third wheel is added in the front instead of the back, better control and performance in snowy, muddy or sandy terrain. Rangu has all the benefits of an electric vehicle but it can also be ridden as a regular trike. 2000 Watt motor can be used to assist or resist battling during a tricky part of the turf. On the electric powertrain alone the trike rides about 24 kilometers but when paddling in added it can go up to 48 kilometers.

Daymak Beast

Though not suitable for on-road use, Daymak Beast D is a great electric bike for dirt, water, sand terrain riding. It can be used in different weather conditions and is easy to manoeuvre and it also family friendly. Equipped with one 500 kilowatt motor in each wheel the scooter can develop a max speed of 48 kilometers per hour and can overcome many obstacles such as small branches deep mud and snow. It can also climb 38 gradient hills. Daymal’s battery of 2.4 kilowatt hour capacity provides a riding range of 60 kilometers and is enhanced with solar panels. The charge time can vary from 3 to 6 hours depending on the charger used.

X-Gev Citadel ATV Pro Quad Bike

When you need power and ability to get wherever you want you should be mounting the powerful Citadel ATV Pro. As per the manufacturer nothing equals the power of electric four-wheel drive when it comes to performance off-road tasks. With a sturdy steel frame construction, properly powered electric motor with 19 horsepower yield, standard all-wheel drive, a lithium-ion battery pack and virtually no heat signature this vehicle is ready to handle the toughest conditions. The Citadel has 96 kilometers of range and top speed up to 72 kilometers per hour. The best part about the ATV is that you can further boost the EV by installing a unique system of m3 tracks from Matttracks Company that will increase the grip by 30%.


This off-roader was engineered by the German company called Metro Mobility Revolutions for the intent to use it as a rescue vehicle on ski resorts but eventually they started to sell it to regular consumers who have found plenty of ways to use t in their households and on the rough trials. The installed electric motor makes hard to believe 18 kilowatt or 24 horsepower and 316 pound feet of torque accelerating the chair to 30 kilometer per hour. Couch Potato?

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