Top 5 Classic Electric Cars

Electric cars are often criticized for their Bizarre and even grisly looks and by many accounts this is the major reason why EV’s are not going main stream, so to play it safe manufactures and auto workshops have decided to take inspiration from classic cars designs and either built brand new or converted old models into electrified retro beauties. After all classic designs cannot be called ugly can they? In today’s list we jot down top 5 classic electric cars which are successful and visually stunning examples of electric vehicles.  

Classic MINI Electric

This British manufacturer has been rapidly entering the electrification age during the past couple of years and to popularize their efforts in 2018 am all-electric version of the apical classic Mini with the 1960s design was showcased. This EV is equipped with a 30 cell lithium-ion phosphate battery that ensures 105 kilometers of range and the power output is good for 120 KPH top speed. The electric motor provides a new dimension of driving with a go kart feel that revitalizes the experience. Even though many fans of this car model would love to have them an electric version, Mini is not looking into returning to the production of the classic design. The y will be concentrating their efforts on the upcoming electric Mini and plug-in hybrid countryman scheduled to be released in 2020.

Nobe 100

Nobe 100 by Estonia and stat up Mynobe is another interesting tribute to the 1950s car manufacturing powered by modern technology. Beautiful design of Nobe 100 is not the only distinct feature of the model. The Nobe has a three wheel all electric drivetrain paired with an all-wheel drive system. Despite having no infotainment system or other usual control panel tool, the car has some modern features to show off. Its body is made of light composites and its battery supports a quick charge allowing to fully restore the battery in just 2 hours. Being promised to reach 0-100 KPH in 5.9 seconds and offering a range of 218 kilometers per battery charge, Nobe 100 is not a rival to Tesla by numbers but it’s impressive stylish looks can become the buyers to decide in its favour. The sales of this three-wheeler expected to start by 2020 with an approximate price of around $34,000.

Electra Meccanica e-Roadster

Working hard on building its own new electric sports car Tofino planned for the release by 2020, the company Electra Meccanica which is a sister company of Inter Meccanica has announced yet another all-electric retro looking e-Roadster. The e-Roadster had a classic design of 1950s Porsche Speedster keeping the original style cockpit layout and control panel design. The model is going to have tubes steel chassis fully reinforced resin composite body hood, trunk and doors and a fully electric drivetrain with yet to be known specification. Based on the current pricing of Inter Meccanica speedster e-Roadster is expected to cost around $60,000. Teased only as coming soon, its release date has not been unveiled.

Murcury Evie

Mercury is a New Zealand’s renewable energy company that has recently converted a 1957 Ford Fairlane to showcase the power of energy. They cleverly named Evie as a one-off model which is powered by Siemens motor source from an electric bus which is coupled with a battery pack that has 50 kilowatt hour capacity and is good for 120 kilometers of range. The installed motor is incredibly capable peaking at 402 horsepower. However the performance data has not been reveled by the manufacturer. The Evie was 100% handcrafted fitted with unique badging and it will be joining the car fleet of Mercury that is 70% all electric.

VW Buzz ID

Unlike many models in the list, the ID Buzz is one of a kind built that was created only for motor shows. This van has officially confirmed by VW and scheduled for production in 2022 and its design will be reminiscent of the Mini Buzz of 1960s. The Buzz promised to be affordable for millions of people and not just the very rich. It will be sitting on the modular electric drive kit XL platform with two motors in the front and two at the rear axels. Each motor will have an output of 150 kilowatt and combined will deliver 275 kilowatt. This allows Buzz ID to accelerate 0-100 KPH in just 5 seconds and will reach a top speed of 161 kilometers per hour. One charge will take you 600 kilometers towards your destination. However the beauty of long trips in this EV is the comfort. Since the diving could be entrusted to the 100% autonomous ID pilot


Here is a bonus for you. This Revival of BMW Isetta is a purely electric passenger car. At the first glance, it is unbelievable that this Smallest little thing can fit a grown adult or even two. However, due to its unique bubble shape and a front-door opening mechanism, Microlino delivers on the promise. It even has a 300 boot space for your essentials. The car runs on a 15KW motor that squeezes out 90 kilometers. It is available with either an 8 or 14 kWh battery delivering 120 – 215 kilometers of range respectively. Price $12,900

What do you think about these stunning top 5 classic electric car or retro EVs? Do you think they are better by having electric motors? Please share your thoughts in the comment and tell us about your favourite retro model that you want them to be electric.

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