Top 5 Classic Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are often criticized for their bizarre and even grisly looks and by many accounts this is the major reason why EV’s are not going main stream yet. So to play it safe manufactures and auto workshops have decided to take inspiration from classic bike designs and either built brand new or converted old models into electrified retro beauties. After all classic designs cannot be called ugly can they? In today’s list we jot down top 5 classic electric bikes which successful and visually stunning examples of electric vehicles.

Veitis Electric Bikes

This gorgeous electric motorcycle has been developed in the UK. The creators of EV-twin gave it classic design features with finest material and finishes alongside an innovative electric drivetrain technology and power management systems. With the continuous power output of 11 Kilowatt and no gears and clutch to operate like in a traditional motorcycle. This amazing automotive product offers a beginner friendly riding experience. Although the continuous power of this motorcycle is limited, there is enough kick to reach speeds up to 113 kilometers per hour with a range of 160 kilometers for a full charge of 4 hours. Price $40,000

Denzel Café Racer V1

ECR V1 could be the first Café racer styled electric motorcycle that can replace your daily commuter without costing you a fortune. For a reasonable price and a 7.5 Kilowatt DC motor, this ride offers stylish design features, decent range and zippy acceleration, fully adjustable suspension and regenerative braking technology. ECR V1 equipped with the on-board fast charger meaning that it can be charged even from a standard household outlet. With fast charging, the battery could be brought to 80% which is about 113 kilometers in range, in just 3 hours. The bike is offered in a regular and a special black edition version which has a black matt carbon finish and a slightly larger battery pack. Price $5,800

Brutus V9 Motorcycle

The full-size full-power electric cruiser Brutis V9 is definitely worth its name. it is fast and it looks brutally cool. Developed by the family based Bell Custom Cycles, this model boasts of an all-electric powertrain with max output os 125 horsepower and 277 pound feet of torque. The bike is also quite practical as it comes with a strapping battery pack good for up to 450 kilometers of riding on a single charge. The Brutus V9 is also great for chasing bad guys as the company offers a law enforcement option of the model. It comes kitted with 93 Kilowatt DC motor with 33.7 Kilowatt hour battery pack which does 0-100 kilometers per hour in 3.9 seconds and nudges a top speed of 185 kilometers per hour Price $32,500

Hadin Panther Electric

Built by a Chinese company with a Californian registration the new Panther has been under development since 2016 making its debut at the 2019 motorcycle show in Milan. The model has legitimate cruiser styling and comfortable ergonomics courtesy of the long 65 inch wheelbase and two piece seat wrapped in leather, wide metal cut handlebars and forward position floorboards. It is built around a hand welded aluminium frame fitted with an adjustable suspension. The wheels are 17 inch in diameter both front and rear equipped with dual disc brakes ABS and Pirelli tyres. In the Hadin’s heart is a 60 horsepower 45 kilowatt electric motor linked to Panasonic battery. The exact type of the mill has not been released but rumoured to be highway capable speeds of 129 kilometers per hour with a max riding range of 160 kilometers in the eco mode. Price $TBA

Kalk OR by Cake

The Swedish start-up company Cake expands its line-up of strangely named electric motorcycles. The endurocoque model is being joined by the road legal. The bare bones two wheelers were primarily designed for short term outback adventures or daily commute with 3 hours of trail riding or 85 kilometers of city range. The premium price tag could be explained by the upper market components like Allen’s fork with three stage air springs, rear Allen’s TTX 2 shocks, lightweight aerospace grade aluminium components and carbon fibre reinforced body parts. It comes with a 11 Kilowatt electric motor which gives 13 horsepower which reaches a top speed of 90 kilometers per hour. Price $14,000

What do you think about these stunning top 5 classic electric bikes or Café EVs? Do you think they are better by having electric motors? Please share your thoughts in the comment and tell us about your favourite retro model that you want them to be electric.

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