Top 5 Affordable Electric Cars

Top 5 Affordable Electric Cars

Global electrical vehicle adoption is accelerating significantly thanks to the high-end battery technology, charging infrastructure, improvements in vehicle design as well as incentives given by Governments. Companies are working on redefining the new generation of electric cars that will change the way we travel in the streets. Today we have a list of top 5 Affordable electric cars in the world which come with unique design and impressive performance.

Unity One

Uniti One EV is a stylish 3- wheeled EV that was created to become the ultimate city transport of the future. It’s developed by the Swedish car start-up “Uniti Sweden”. The car will be equipped with an advanced autopilot and various entertainment systems for the occupants, so in the future the steering wheel might be removed. Uniti EV uses a 20 horsepower AC motor and a 11kWh battery to transport two or four passengers according to the configuration for distance up to 145 kilometers of range. Price $14,000.


Chinese automobile manufacturer Great Wall Motors has unveiled their all-new electric car that comes with super affordable price, good performance and smart features. The ORA R1 is the most affordable electric cars in the world which combines five core principles to deliver a high-value EV to the market. The R1 is a game changer in the pure electric vehicle market, which is built on an exclusive ME platform to ensure the battery longevity, large space and an ultra-safe driving experience. It is equipped with 33 kWh battery packs which achieve 242 kilometers of real world range on a single charge. Top speed reaches up to 100 kilometers per hour. The ORA R1 cost $8,700 in china and the company will soon go global.

Baojun E100

General Motors in partnership with Shanghai automotive industry cooperation have launched their first fully electric car called Baojun E100. The E100 is a small 2-seater inspired by the smart for 2-seater electric drive, it’s powered by a 29 kilowatt electric motor that produces 12 kilograms of torque and delivers a top speed of 100 kilometers per hour. The lithium-ion battery pack provides 100 miles of range on a single charge. Inside, the vehicle is equipped with 7-inch touchscreen display with wireless connectivity. It comes with a number of safety features that give more confidence on the road. E100 will cost $5,300 dollars.


Tata Motors that as strong global network of associate companies like Jaguar and Land Rover sells their vehicles in more than 50 countries. The company has already gone electric on the design basis of their gasoline powered crs and now has formed a joint venture with Jayem Automotive to produce the cheapest electric cars in India called the Jayem NEO. It’s a 4-seater electric hatchback that can go up-to 200 kilometers on a single charge. The vehicle will be available initially for the Delhi roads with a price at around $7000.


This Revival of BMW Isetta is a purely electric passenger car. At the first glance, it is unbelievable that this Smallest little thing can fit a grown adult or even two. However, due to its unique bubble shape and a front-door opening mechanism, Microlino delivers on the promise. It even has a 300 boot space for your essentials. The car runs on a 15KW motor that squeezes out 90 kilometers. It is available with either an 8 or 14 kWh battery delivering 120 – 215 kilometers of range respectively. Price $12,900

Do you think these affordable electric cars will be game changers and destiny for a electric drive in the world of electric transportation? Tell us in the comments section below.

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