Top 10 Smallest Electric Cars

Top 10 Smallest Electric Cars

Welcome back to People are always fascinated with miniaturized small size versions of cars on our roads. Remember all of those minis and Smallest Maruti hatchbacks? Well, they are just giants in comparison to the top 10 Smallest electric cars that we are going to show you today! After all, EVs are all about efficiency and zero emissions, so if you are driving alone to work, why would you want to carry around all of that extra weight of an SUV? Are you intrigued about how small these electric cars can get and wondering whether you will be able to buy one? Well, let’s take a look!


This Revival of BMW Isetta is a purely electric passenger car. At the first glance, it is unbelievable that this Smallest little thing can fit a grown adult or even two. However, due to its unique bubble shape and a front-door opening mechanism, Microlino delivers on the promise. It even has a 300 boot space for your essentials. The car runs on a 15KW motor that squeezes out 90 kilometers. It is available with either an 8 or 14 kWh battery delivering 120 – 215 kilometers of range respectively. Price $14,900

Sondors EV

Sondors has recently embarked on a mission of producing an affordable all-electric car for the masses that can go up to 322 kilometers per charge (option of the battery). Sondors electric car is a 3-wheeler, so in European market it will be technically considered a motorcycle allowing to by-pass many regulations, plus save on manufacturing. This tricycle is brought into motion by a single rear-wheel hub motor, with estimated 170 horsepower output for the production model with the top speed of 160 kilometers per hour. Price $10,000

LS EV (XEV & Polymaker)

A great collaboration between Polymaker and XEV resulted in the creation of the first mass produced 3D printed electric car. The LSEV is very Smallest weighing just 450 kilograms. It has a top speed of 70 kilometers per hour and a range of 145 kilometers, due to the unique construction process it has only 57 parts which allows to cut down the price to just $7500. Many car sharing services have already expressed their interest in LSEV electric car so we might be looking at the city vehicle of the future. Why not!

Ampere Motor The One

The American start-up Ampere Motors created The One A Smallest three-wheeler that can accommodate two people and travel up to 242 kilometers on a single charge. They set a goal to offer this beautiful EV at an affordable price. Ampere one is built on the lightweight tubular chassis comprising of fiberglass and carbon. Even though Apmere Motors is aiming for sports design, they cannot deliver on performance 0-100 takes 8 seconds and the speed is topped at 121 kilometers per hour. Price $9,900

Arcimoto SRK

The world’s first fully electric fun utility vehicle is a functional three- wheeled car that is road legal and capable of delivering ultimate driving experience. It has an open frame construction and a tandem seating for two. The car is perfect for travelling around the neighbourhood as even a base model has a 113 kilometers range. Compared to other EV’s it is miniscule. However, despite its small size, Arcimoto SRK is a powerful and torque little fella, getting from 0-100 in 7 seconds. Price $ 11,900


One of the most recent newcomers among small all-electric 4-wheelers is the E-GO Life. This car can accommodate 2 passengers, but weighs only 816 kilograms. The installed powertrain makes 30 horsepower and at its peak, but considering the extremely light weight of the vehicle it can still hit 105 kilometers per hour. The 19.2 kWh battery ensures 170 kilometers of range. This car is a perfect city car regardless of the 0 pollution regulations. Price $ 18,300

SOLO Electra Meccanica

The compact structure of the SOLO enabled engineers to place an 82 horsepower motor, capable of making 180 kilograms of torque. Such setup enables the Electra Meccanica to go from 0-100 kilometers per hour in less than 8 seconds and reach the top speed of 129 kilometers per hour. With the installed 16.1 kWh battery pack, the solo has a driving range of about 161 kilometers and can be fully recharged in 3 hours, when the 220-volt outlet is used. Price $15,500

Infinity Prototype 9

Infinity Prototype 9 conceptual one-seater retro car comes with an electric motor at its core. The manufacturer claims that this auto uses a completely powertrain. But some believe that it actually conceals a new Nissan’s Leaf 2 E-motor. It has 148 horsepower and 319 kilogramns of torque output that is channelled to the rear wheels. The charge s stored by a 30 kWh battery that is good for 20 minutes on a track with heavy usage at the speed of up to 170 kilometers per hour and 5.5 seconds 0100 acceleration.  Price TBA


Uniti EV is a stylish 3- wheeled EV that was created to become the ultimate city transport of the future. It’s developed by the Swedish car start-up “Uniti Sweden”. The car will be equipped with an advanced autopilot and various entertainment system for the occupants, so in the future the steering wheel might be removed. Uniti EV uses a 20 horsepower AC motor and a 11kWh battery to transport two or four passengers according to the configuration for distance upto 145 kilometers of range. Price $18,500

Vanderhall Motors Edison2

Edison2 is a lightweight electric 2-seater on three wheels that can demonstrate quality performance. With a 30 kWh battery, it will have 322 kilometers driving range. Continuing Vandehall’s tradition, the vehicle weighs only 635 kilograms and is made from light material, such as aluminium mono frame and ABS composite body. A 134 kWh powertrain will allow the car to sprint from 0-100 in mere 4 seconds. Edison2 is priced at $34,950 and is already available for reserve.

Will you accept these Top 10 Smallest electric cars if they were available to buy for our roads, or do you think there is still a need for extra space for a cleaner and safer future? Please share your comments below.

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