Top 10 Smallest Electric Cars Part2

Modern cities suffer from various ecological problems, some of which may be solved with the help of electric transportation. Electric vehicles proved to be quiet and more eco-friendly than other popular means ICE engines transportation. So are there any good solutions that will make you think that it is the right time to get an electric car for city driving? We jot down a list of top 10 smallest electric cars part2. Let’s take a closer look.

Morgan EV3

The Morgan EV3 embraces the new technology, delivers responsible driving experience and continues to celebrate traditional British modern manufacturing. It comes with a 63 horsepower liquid cooled electric motor and a 20 kilowatt hour lithium-ion battery, this 500 KGM car can provide up to 245 kilometers of range while producing no emissions. Morgan EV3 can go from 0-100 KMS in less than 9 seconds with a top speed of 144 kilometers per hour. This then make this car a great option for covering your daily commute with style.

Toyota I-Road

The story of Toyota I-Road started with an idea of producing environmentally friendly cars that can be easily integrated in the public transport system. These compact electric vehicles come in four and three wheel versions, weights over 300 kilograms and can be driven at speeds up to 65 kilometers per hour and covers 49 kilometers on a single charge. I-Roads will also be used as car sharing services. When you need to get around the city and unable to get a bus, taxi and even an electric bike? You can pick up one the I-Roads at one of the charging station for a small fee.

Ingenius Uniti EV

Ingenoius EV is a stylish three-wheel electric car that is supposed to become the ultimate city transport of the near future. The idea behind this car concept became such a great head that hundreds of investors back the production for over 1 Million Euro. Unity a Sweden manufacturer that developed Ingenious EV has already received over 100 plus pre-orders for this compact city car. Ingenius EV is an electric car that can be used for daily commutes that will become easier and more entertaining than before. The vehicle will be equipped with an advanced autopilot and various entertainment systems for the passengers. Ingenious EV uses a 20 horsepower AC motor and 11 kilowatt per hour battery to transport two passengers for distance up to 145 kilometers.

Nissan Blade Glider

Nissan Blade Glider is a sports car concept with a very unusual body type. Although the usage of a narrow axel track in the front and a wide axle track in the rear may seem questionable from the point of view of the car stability, such style according from the manufacturer gives the Blade Glider and exotic appearance improves aerodynamics and possibly manoeuvrability. In terms of performance Nissan Blade Glider uses 175 horsepower electric motors one on each wheel which takes less than five seconds to reach 100 KPH and continues till 180 kilometers per hour.

Smart ForTwo Electric

Smart ForTwo electric is the best choice for situation when you just have to navigate through traffic during rush hour, run through little streets or even squeeze in a small space in the parking lot. This small and affordable EV is equipped with a 64 horsepower electric motor that makes 13 KGM of torque with automatic transmission; the Smart electric can go from standstill to 100 KPH in 11 seconds with a maximum speed of 125 kilometers per hour. The water cooled AC motor draws its power from a 17.6 kilowatt per hour lithium-ion battery and can provide up to 110 kilometers of driving range. When the installed battery runs low, you can recharge till 100% in six hours.

Renault Twizy

Twizy is a ultra-compact city car which is being presented by the automaker as the urban crosser or electric urban quad cycle. The vehicle is equipped with 17 horsepower electric motor capable of pushing speeds up to 80 kilometers per hour. They installed 7.1 kilowatt per hour lithium-ion battery pack take just 3.5 hour to be fully charged from a household electrical supply outlets. Looking at the dimension the Twizy was created as a more convent, more comfortable and much safer alternative to a maxi scooter. Although being encased in a plastic body the vehicle comes with good safety measures, four wheel disc brakes, front seat airbags and three point seats belts.


The compact structure of the SOLO enabled engineers to place an 82 horsepower motor, capable of making 180 kilograms of torque. Such setup enables the Electra Meccanica to go from 0-100 kilometers per hour in less than 8 seconds and reach the top speed of 129 kilometers per hour. With the installed 16.1 kWh battery pack, the solo has a driving range of about 161 kilometers and can be fully recharged in 3 hours, when the 220-volt outlet is used. Price $15,500.


Soki is the first 2-seater electric car made in Chile. When developing Soki the manufacturers wanted to make an affordable means of transportation that has the agility of a motor cycle, running cost of a bicycle and the comfort of a conventional city car with an estimated price of $12,000. This electric vehicle has an electric motor with a power output close to 10 horsepower, with such motor set up the installed 4.2 kilowatt battery which can last up to 64 kilometers and can also be fully charged in 3 hours.

Sero Electric

Sero electrc is the first compact electric car produced in Argentina. With a price tag of $10,000 this small EV for 2 passengers look like a real bargain. For this money you can get a small car that can drive about 45 kilometers on a fully charged. Although with an electronic speed of 49 kilometers per hour, the range can also be increased on the go thanks for the installed re-generative braking system Sero electric is not your placement for a daily driver but it may be a good means of transportation for people who need a cheap light practical and versatile car. According to the manufacture it is perfect for security services, schools, city tours or a small car for the elderly.

Mahindra e20

Mahidra e2o, compact city car, comes in both three door and five door versions and is equipped with a 41 horsepower electric motor and 16 kWh lithium-ion battery. Such battery is efficient enough to provide up to 129 kilometers of range. The Indian made EV is also represented in the European market and despite its modest tech specs and a top speed of 110 kilometers per hour, Mahindra e2o will fulfil all needed safety requirements and is one of the best budget EVs for the city driving.

I hope you like the list of our top 10 smallest cars part2. If you agree with the list please leave your comment below.

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