Top 10 Electric SUV 2020

Top 10 Electric SUV 2020

The planet is getting populous and our families are becoming tight knit community, it is obvious and no wonders that the numbers of large SUV’s are on the rise as they offer 7 seats in 3 rows. The same trend goes for electric car SUV market models which are trying to catch up the gasoline counterparts and satisfy the needs of the modern customers. Today we look at the top 10 Electric SUV’s 2020 and MPV’s which can carry 7 passengers.

Neo ES8

Neo ES8 is the second electric model released by the Chinese company NEO after its Hypercar EP9. It has 3 rows of seating style available with two configurations as a six seater or a seven seater. It is equipped with two electric motors one at the front and other at the rear axle which sends power to all four wheels. The NEO ES8 is called the performance SUV as the output of the dual motor power powertrain produces 650 horse power and 920 kilograms meters of torque which is more than enough to propel the car from 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds. The battery pack supports Fast Swapping which gives you reasonable 350 kilometers of range. Being a family vehicle the ES8 gets a host of numerous safety features like the large infotainment touch screen and the world’s first AI assistance system for the car passenger experience. This SUV is already sold in China where the brand has worked out a battery subscription system to decrease the initial investment for the buyer’s.

Tesla Model X

When we talk about electric SUV’s Tesla Model X is the first EV to come to mind for any driver. Although it has not been updated since 2016 the model X is still the cutting edge piece of machinery in the electric SUV list. In 2019 the X was fitted with dual motors with all-wheel drive capability. This changes has also effected the model X performance figures which will now give 450 kilometers in full charge and accelerates 0-6- in 2.5 seconds followed by range boost and ludicrous modes. The most noticeable feature of the model X is the falcon wing doors which the owners love and as per electric car lovers you are just blown away with the mechanism and excitement by the way it looks.

Lincoln Aviator PHEV

The all-new electric family SUV by Lincoln Aviator is the first generation electric vehicle produced by FORD. This new comer is thought has just arrived in the right time filling the gap between the smaller and large electric SUV’s. As it is based on the aeronautical theme the Aviator designs are visible on the exteriors and interiors. With the presence of metallic retro style elements, wing shaped components and sleek shapes all over the car. The powertrains comes with a plug-in hybrid motor which is pegged by 3.0 litre V6 motor

Nissan Combi E-NV200

As we can see the electric SUV market seems to be gaining new number with amazing designs, the multipurpose vehicles fall short an doesn’t have many prominent followers. However we would like to highlight this Nissan E-NV200 as one the option we can consider. This EV can easily seat 7 passengers with foldable option for rear seats which increases the cargo capacity. Best feature is it utilizes the same battery technology that is already installed on other Nissan electric cars models. The electric motor is coupled by 109 horse power with 40 kilowatt per hour battery which will give you a range of 200 kilometers. 


The XC90 is the pinnacle for Volvo’s luxury modern SUV. It is one of the most fuel efficient and safest cars out there in the market today. Volvo launched the XC90 PHEV in 2019 with a standard seven seat layout with a first class level of comfort with high-tech infotainment system and leather decorated interiors. This plug-in hybrid powertrain in power with 2.0 litre supercharged engine with an electric motor.  0-60 can be done under 5 seconds with a 400 horse power to use.

Lexus RX 450HL

When all the major Automaker is looking in the direction of Plug-in hybrid and full electric powertrains Lexus is holding on to their idea of mild hybrid systems. Lexus believes this system exists due to the improved fuel economy it offers. Lexus RX 450 HL is one such model as it is the bestselling hybridized model. It comes with 7 seater layout in the form of L modification. The RX450HL comes with a unmatched fuel efficiency of 14 kilometers per litre in the city conditions. This hybrid systems comes with all-wheel drive system which helps 0-60 in 8 seconds. Crafted trims, first class seating’s, ambient lighting, multi media display and intuitive technology Lexus doesn’t disappoint in comfort.

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

Pacifica is Americas first ever hybrid minivan. This Hybrid offers spacious cabin for 7 seats and maximum cargo capacity. It comes with PHEV powertrain that consists of 3.6 V6 and 2 electric motors with produces 260 horsepower. The electric motor uses 16 kWh lithium ion batteries that can provide 54 kilometres pure electric driving range, with a full charge battery and full tank of gas it will give you a max range of 850 kilometers without visit to the gas station.

Mercedes Benz GLE

GLE is the bestselling mid-size crossover family SUV from Mercedes. For the first time Mercedes will be offering this a 7 seat layout in this model with an electric E- motor function. The update exterior sets the standards in the SUV market segment. The interior comes with large screens, head-up display and all the right creature comfort we expect from Mercedes Benz. The GLE is scheduled to be released in 2020.

Tesla Model S

Are you surprised to see the Tesla Model S to be in this list? Well you see the Model S has so cleverly designed the placement of 2 additional seats in the trunk, this makes it a perfect 7 seater. But off curse they will be only used by smaller passengers like the kids. Also the recent update in 2019 spec it get a increased range of 496 kilometres and 0-60 in 3 seconds which is powered by dual motor all-wheel drive system. Other features like carbon fibre spoiler, ventilated seats and tesla styling with optional ludicrous mode completes the desire to buy one.

GAC Entranze Concept

GAC is the largest automakers in China that want to enter the American market in early 2020 with their electric car models. The R&D team presented their first creation a 7 passenger electric vehicle called Entranze. This concept showcased a bullet shaped exterior with futuristic sliding glass doors. The Entranze looks more like SUV Minivan hybrid with the unique 3+2+2 seating layout. Designed to give you the ultimate road trip experience coupled with user friendly cabin packed with high tech function that comes with a large head-up display, built in voice assistance and two side mounted separate infotainment screens. The technology behind this modern SUV is still a hidden mystery as GAC have not yet released any information including the battery and motor specifications.

Rivian R1S

Rivian is Americas first start-up company who debuted their first SUV model in 2018 which is a family oriented with ultra-capabilities with 7 seats called the R1S. The model sits on the same skateboard platform system which shares with R1T pick up truck which powered by 4 electric motors. With a output of 750 horsepower the Rivian R1S is expected to hit the market in 2020. It will come with two battery options with 420 kilometres and 644 kilometres of range in a single charge. This will be a direct competition to Tesla in many ways as Tesla has promised for an electric pick up in 2020.



We do realize that above presented models are not all electric but believe us we had to dig deep to gather this top 10 electric SUV’s line up. Hopefully in next few years all the models previewed above could enter the market in all electric motor vehicles as they have a full potential to be so. With the rising numbers of electric 7-seater SUV in the global market we could see a new wave of cross overs of SUV and Minivans hybrids soon.

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