Top 10 Electric Prototypes

Electric cars are continually making advancements in both technology and design. With the likes of brilliant Tesla’s, Porsche’s and Mercedes moving into the future of powerful electric cars, the electric car manufactures are always building the prototypes to  glimpse into the future of the EV market. Interested to know what hold in our Top 10 Electric Prototypes in the near future? let’s find out.

Rinspeed Oasis

The Oasis is the brain child of the Swiss auto manufacturer Wind Speed. This bizarre car debuted as a concept car an sot made its debut at the consumer electronics show. The car is equipped with every tech feature currently imaginable including self-driving capabilities and gesture control display. It is fully electric vehicle that can reach speeds of 130 kilometers per hour but truly insane thing about this prototype is that it actually has a built in garden, hence the name the Oasis. The garden would be located behind the windshield and could be accessed through a small window by closing off the garden the temperature in the garden could be easy adjusted and controlled.

Chevy FNR

The Chevy FNR was developed by GM’s pan Asia technical automotive center in Shanghai. The Chevy FNR is a concept car that was designed to reach a younger buyer and the futuristic design of the car speaks for itself. The car has crystal laser head lights, magnetic hubless-wheels and cool looking dragonfly dual swing doors. The car also has a number of crazy sci-fi like technological features including a roof mounted radar which can map out the area surrounding the car which allows the car to drive autonomously. With the car driving by itself the driver’s seat can swivel to face the back so the driver can talk to the passengers in the back seat.

Vision Mercedes Benz Maybach Six

This Mercedes Vision is a prototype concept car that attempts t show off the luxury of the future Mercedes cars. The car blends design features of the past with new innovative design features of the future. It showcases two main characteristics Hot & Cold. The Hot characteristics, refers to the emotional design of the car and the cold characteristics refers to the intelligent details. The car has a 360-degree lounge with padded leather upholstery. The car seats are able to monitor the passenger’s vital signs, allowing the car to automatically adjust the interior settings. The seats are also equipped with massage functions so they can administer the massages while the driver is driving.

Faraday future FF01

The Faraday future FF01 is a single-seated race car concept prototype that was first unveiled in 2016 at the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. When the car was unveiled people marvelled at the innovative user interface. The interface called the UI can collect data from outside the car, it then uses this data to increase passengers and driver safety. The car also has a number of insane features including a zero gravity driving position inspired by NASA. The car has been marketed as not just a concept car but a car of concepts. If his car makes into production, the manufacturers claim that the car will have 1000 horsepower and will be able to go from 0-100 in under 3 seconds.

Honda FCV

Honda’s FCV is a hydrogen fuel cell prototype that is fueled solely by hydrogen. The manufacturers of this prototype claim that the car can be fully fueled in under 3 minutes if the car is hooked up to a 10,000 psi hydrogen nozzle. Once fueled, the FCV will have a range of 4,823 kilometers. It is a mid-sized car and can comfortably seat five passengers. The interiors are both stylish and futuristic with a spacious interior. The space in the interior comes from the fact that the fuel stem stack is smaller than the previous concept cars and has a higher power density. The car also has a number of insane features including an over-sized center-mounted screen and a hexagonal u-shaped steering wheel although people are skeptical as to whether or not the steering wheel would make it into production.

Mercedes F0-15

The Mercedes F-015 is an insane prototype that assumes that autonomous driving will come to fruition in the near future because of this assumption the car is designed around the concept that drivers will have a lot more time to hang out and relax in their vehicles. So the Mercedes F-015 has turned the interior of the car into a functional urban living space. Pictures of this concept car show people inside of the car relaxing around a small table. There are four seats in the car made of decadent white leather. These seats are not only luxurious though but also can swivel to face each other. The interior of the car can therefore transform into an informal gathering are. 

Nissan V-Motion

The Nissan V-Motion debuted at the 2017 North American auto show. This concept is clearly designed for professionals and a s a mid-size sedan it can comfortably seat five passengers. Nissan V-Motion combines a number of different features including intelligent technology, modern style and emotional design. One of the cars craziest features though is its floating roof, this futuristic looking roof accented by sleek silver carbon threads. The Nissan V-Motion has front and rear doors that swing outwards which gives the interior a pillar less space and shows how roomy the car is. The V-Motion uses an intelligent driving system called a Pro-Pilot but unlike other concept cars, the Pro-Pilot take one step further than the autonomous driving by driving through urban streets and intersections.

BMW Vision Next 100

The goal of BMW Vision Next 100 is to help its driver be the very best driver he or she can be. BMW claims that its concept car will help transform any driver into the ultimate driver utilizing digital intelligence. The car has a system called Companion which provides the driver with intuitive assistance and driving recommendations. The Vision Next 100 doesn’t stop there, the car also has a live geometry which alerts the driver to potential hazards on the road. With these features the driver is ensured that they will have a safer and most efficient drive possible. The Car has two driving modes, boost mode and ease mode. The interior of the car can be transformed into a comfort zone. This unique comfort zone allows the driver to relax and to take advantage of the fact that something else is driving the car.

SION by SONO Motors

SONO Motors is a German start-up that has an inspiring goal to bring to the automotive market the first series production solar powered electric car called SION. An average person travels 60 kilometers a day and SION’s 330 solar panels can compensate half of the charge, but even without regeneration SION can go up to 250 kilometers. The car has a special air filter system that uses natural moss. In the future the majority of personal transportation will be conducted by the fleets of self-driving shared vehicles and they do have a point.

Toyota Concept i-Car

The Toyota’s Concept i-Car is an insane prototype that is not just intuitive but it’s also friendly. The i-Car was not just designed to be a car but to also be a friend. Toyota claims that it’s concept i-Car would form a relationship with its driver. The relationship will be built on trust and loyalty and would be an integral part of the drivers during experience. The features something called YOU. It is an integrated system that acts as the liaison between the car and the passenger. Toyota believes that artificial intelligence will make its way to the automotive industry and that’s essentially what YOU is all about. YOU can detect your emotional status through analysis and will suggest ways to make you feel better.

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