Top 10 Electric Pickup Trucks

Top 10 Electric Pickup Trucks

After a jaw dropping teasing campaign, Tesla’s futuristic Cybertruck has been finally unveiled. The Cybertruck is definitely out of this world both performance and design wise, but did you know, that this is not the only electric pickup that already exists? In fact, we managed to dig out for you an entire line-up of Top 10 electric pickup trucks where Cybertruck and Rivian R1T are just a few of many options. So buckle up and let’s explore one of the world’s most utilitarian, versatile and desired vehicle models that has been recently electrified the EV market globally!

Tesla Cybertruck

Have you ever seen the Blade runner movie while what the design of Elon Musk’s new creation clearly reflects the Cybertruck vision of the future cars that people had back in 1980’s. It is hard to wrap one set around the trapezoidal exterior that seems to be made of a single metal piece that is bulletproof and features a newly developed steel alloy which is also used on Space-X Starship. This pickup will be offered in multiple configurations priced from $40,000 going up to $70,000. The spec’s for the lower end models is also impressive but the top of the line tri-motor all-wheel drive is absolutely off the charts. It should be able to cover 804 kilometers on a single charge and accelerate 0-100 in 2.9 seconds.

Rivian R1T

Along with the upcoming Tesla’s Cybertruck the R1T is probably the most anticipated model in this segment. It is developed by the American start-up Rivian that has already managed to secure more than 1.5 Billion dollars of funding with most prominent investors including giants like Ford and Amazon. The midsize pickup is expected to roll off production sometime in 2020 and it will be produced in 3 trends. The entry level model come with a price tag starting from $70,000 and will receive 105 kWh batteries, 402 horsepower 506 Nm of torque and 370 kilometers of range. The top model does not exceed $90,000 and come with 670 kilometers on range with 0-100 in 3.9 seconds.

Bollinger B2

The Bollinger may not as attractive looking as those developed by competitors, the company feel that practicality and utilitarian nature are more important features. Being able to carry 2.2 tons of payloads The B2 offers a standard bed length of 72 inches but by removing the rear seats and cap wall for transporting really long cargo. The b2 is powered by 2 electric motors and 120 kWh battery which make 614 horsepower, 906 NM of torque and having 322 kilometers of range. Thanks to its all-aluminium chassis with hydro pneumatic suspension the Bollinger B2 is quite capable off road, offering 15 inches of ground clearance and 10 inches of wheel travel.

Atlis XT Truck

It is very likely that you have never heard of Atlas Motor vehicles before as they are yet to launch their first car in 2020. But if everything shown in their pre-production pickup will be delivered to the assembly line than the all-electric XT Truck might become a game changer at the growing niche. According to the manufacturer the model will be able to cover up 804 kilometers on a single charge with the largest battery option. Unlike its key competitors the XT is a full size truck with various bed lengths 6.5/8 feet. The pick-up is also expected to accelerate 0-100 kilometers in just 5 seconds.

Kreisel Electric Hummer H1

You might have heard about Arnold Schwarzenegger is all about going green these days. So even his cars no matter how brutal they look gets a electric powertrain. First, in order to please the Governator, the Austrian company Kreisel electric electrified his Mercedes Benz G wagon and next created one of kind EV based on the hummer H1. This mighty beast received a new powertrain comprised of two electric motor one on each axel, with a combined output of 485 horsepower. The truck is also equipped with 100 kWh batteries that ensure a max range of 300 kilometers. Despite its substantial weight of 7 tons it demonstrated unexpected agility and acceleration of 0-100 kilometers in 5.6 seconds and top speed of 120 kilometers per hour. The manufacture has yet to start for a mass production.

Ford F150 Electric

11.5 billion dollars this is the amount of money that Ford is willing pour into the development of electric vehicles by year 2022, the first models to obtain the new technology at the recently introduced crossover Mustang Mach-E and of course the bestselling pickup truck in the world the F150. Since the blue oval has invested in the Michigan based Rivian chances are the future F-trucks will share the powertrain with the start-up model R1T. But for now no information is disclosed yet. Ford’s test Models have been spotted here and there and a prototype in Canada has even demonstrated the capability of the electric truck of the future pulling all most a 1 million pounds of weight. It pulled a stunt that highlights pulling trains and double decker freight carts loaded with 42 gasoline version of the F150.

Chevrolet E-10

The culture of hot rods is still widespread around the world especially in the US and Canada. The E10 concept by Chevrolet is imagining how the future of this movement will look like if electric vehicles took over. This quirky machine is built on the platform of the 1962 C10 pickup and is motivated by dual motor connect and cruise based concept package with estimated 450 horsepower output. The torque is transferred via super-matic transmission to the rear axel resulting in brisk less than five seconds 0-100 acceleration. Due to its dual battery pack placed in the bed it totally loses its utilitarian nature. The dual motors have 400 volts batteries from Chevorelet Bolt with 60 kWh capacity each.

Workhorse W-15

The news of W-15 pickup first surfaced back in 2016 and a year later the Ohio based manufacturer of commercial transport workhorse presented its prototype. The truck received two electric motors with a combined output of 460 horsepower and a 60kWh battery providing up to 129 kilometers of electric driving. To compensate for the lake of range, a small 1.3 liter ICE was installed choosing the motor and extending the trucks travel capacity to 500 kilometers. In 2018 the W15 was launched for pre-orders collecting more than five million dollars in reservation fees, since then however all has been quite until November 2019 the company purchased an old GM plant in Lords town Ohio where it plans to begin manufacturing the W15 as all electric models.

Chevrolet Colorado ZH2

General Motors developed an off-road hydrogen electric pickup truck for the US Armed Forces in 2016 called the Colorado ZH2. The ZH2 silent drive system and the bulletproof tanks will be ideal for the military use with 37 inch off-road tyres and a specially modified suspension the vehicle can climb over and descend all manner of terrain. The electric motor delivers 130 kW power output and depending on the type of terrain it can go to 322 kilometers on a single charge. The vehicle is also equipped with a separate electric generator housed in the trunk for additional power. The ZH2 price TBA.

DongFeng Rich 6EV

Many companies have attempted to claim the title of the world’s first manufacturer of electric pickups but the joint venture between Nissan and the Chinese state owned Dongfeng have beaten anyone in this race. The Rich 6EV which rides on the Japanese platform has already rolled out of the production lines unfortunately we do not have any actual picture of this EV since the peoples republic rarely releases any media kit. But it looks very close to the gasoline version of the Rich of the image we have above. The Rich 6EV is powered by 160 horsepower and 68 kWh battery pack. The range is nowhere near the American electric models but 280 kilometers in a single charge and 45 minutes to 80% fast charging should satisfy the daily needs of a tradesman especially with a stunning $19,000 price tag.

Polaris Ranger EV

This Ranger EV is a bonus entry that demonstrates that personal utility vehicles do not end with the above mentioned electric pickups. The Ranger EV came out in 2016 as the first ever UTV with a lithium ion battery which doubled the range to 80 kilometers and decreased the weight by 220 kilograms. The two-seater in powered by single 48 volt AC induction electric motor with peak output of 30 horsepower and a standard driving mode this ETV is driven by the rear wheels but a true all-wheel drive is available on demand. You also get lots of kit accessories available from the manufacturer helps for a wide range of tasks.

What were you reaction about Tesla Cybertruck and the rest of the electric pickup trucks listed above. Will these top 10 electric pickup trucks ever replace the gasoline giants of today? Share your thought in the comments below.

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