Top 10 Electric Crossovers 2020

The coming 2020 could be easily labelled as the year of electric crossovers. It all started with the Model Y and afterwards the majority of big auto manufacturers players in the automotive world have started announcing electrified EUV to go into production. The competition is starting to heat up, designs and performance are improving and ranges are extending day by day. Today we will be exploring the most top 10 electric crossovers 2020 of tomorrow, let’s compare their specifications and pricing and of course debate about the subjective look!

Ford Mustang Mach E

When Mustang came out in 1964 it was cultural phenomenon. Fast forward 55 years and there is still a significant part of the Ford identity. Priced from $44,000 the upcoming Mustang Mach E will be available in four trends. Going up the configuration ladder both the performance and range has improved. It now give a range of 480 kilometers and 0-100 kms is accelerated in under 6 seconds. I believe it is certainly the best looking electric crossover of today.

Volvo XC40 Recharge

Volvo has been smart about building their first EV so instead of developing all new models they decided to base it on the best-selling XC40. Based on the common ICE modular it has now been replaced by 78kWh battery paired with dual electric motors. This drivetrain is recorded to produce 402 horsepower and 150 kilowatt charging, so filling up to 80% will now takes 40 minutes. Thanks to the setup the XC40 should be able to cover 322 kilometers and decent acceleration 0-100 in 4.7 seconds. Other details about the cars is still scares and the price is expected around $60,000

Mazda MX30

In 2020 the Mazda jumps into the electrification game with all-new electric crossover. Instead of chasing the competitors, the company choose it to position the MX30 as a city based model powered by smaller 35 kilowatt hour battery pack. The Mazda MX30 sits on the company developed sky active architecture with a single electric motor making 145 horsepower 195nm of torque. The exact range of the model has not been revealed yet, though experts claimed to be around 200 kilometers on a single charge. The stunning part of its looks is the Mazda signature freestyle doors and interiors are used by environmentally safe materials.

Nissan Ariya

Unveiled at the 2019 Tokyo auto show this concepts previews the new electric crossovers from Nissan that will join the best-selling Leaf and its passenger car range. Built on a new platform the Ariya gets a floor mounted battery and electric motors with undisclosed combined output. It has been rumoured that the all-wheel system will range up to 500 kilometers and 0-100 kms in less than 5 seconds. The model is expected to hit the assembly lines by 2021. Price TBA

Skoda Vision IV

Skoda is a part of the VW group, this said the future of its electric models is connected with the MQB platform. This EV crossover is the first to acquire these underpinnings as this prototype is powered by two electric motors delivering 302 horsepower to all four wheels which take 0-100 kms in under 6 seconds. It will be equipped with an 83 kilowatt hour battery which has the range of 400 kilometers per charge with a possibility of fast charge of 80% in 30 minutes. When the sales start the buyers are expected to choose between two models A coupe sports-back and standard SUV. Price TBA.

Polestar 2

Already ready for pre-order this is the second model of the polestar brand that features a purely electric drivetrain and starting price of $63,000. The new comer is juiced by a 78 kilowatt hour battery good for 443 kilometers and compatible with 150 kilowatt fast chargers. With dual motor configuration all-wheel drive capability and 408 horsepower on the tap the Polestar 2 is expected to reach 0-100 kms in 4.7 seconds. After it first year o production the company plans to add a cheaper version of this fastback.

Tesla Model Y

The Model 3 is the best electric car in today’s market. This is a shared consensus of both die hard and critics of Tesla. However, despite its strong strides it is still a sedan. This is the major reason why Tesla’s SEXY line-up is being completed by this ev which visually is nearly identical to the saloon but has raised ground clearance plus grows in size to optionally accommodate up to 7 passengers and carry 66 cubic feet of cargo. As any other Tesla it is a sprinter covering 0-100 kms in 5.9 second to 3.5 seconds, plus the top speed reaches 245 kilometers per hour. At the time of the unveiling Tesla has disclosed its plans to offer the news model in 4 trims.


The first model to jump start the production of the electric ID range from Volkswagen is the affordable people’s hatchback ID.3 and it has been manufactured as we speak in Germany. It however will not be available to many countries. Rumours have it that the newcomer will be labelled as ID4X and will share the modular MQB platform with a hatch but since its sizing comparable to the VW Tiguan it will add a whole lot of interiors and cargo space. As a concept the EV gets an 83 kilowatt hour battery which is good for 400 kilometers of real life range but since the VW are aiming for the $35,000 price tag for the base trim much expected modification will be available.

Hyundai 45

This concept name is celebrated by the 45th anniversary of the Pony Hatchback which was the Hyundai’s first ever mass market model. It is built on the same skateboard platform E-GMP just like the KIA Haba-Niro. This then give the preview of the upcoming 2021 electric crossover hatchback hybrid from the brands. The exterior of the car is inspired by the old 1920 aviation with it radiator grill as a kinetic cube lamp design. The inside of the car get even simpler with combined wood and leather with series of displays integrated into the dashboard. Hyundai will be aiming for full autonomous drive with the 45 Concept so the front seat can swivel so the occupants can enjoy style set free interiors.

Lexus UX 300E

To readers regarding the position of electric cars is well know, they are trying to postpone electrification as hard as they can which has no results and bad publicity and even boycotts of the company. One of the major reasons for such a pushback must be the company’s lagging behind the competition in the EV technology which is clearly reflected in the specifications of the first ever electric car from the conglomerate. In the up-market Lexus UX300E seems like a simple retrofit of a gasoline UX, getting a rather unimpressive 204 horsepower from a single motor and just 286 kilometers of range from a 54.3 kilowatt hour battery which take 15 minutes to recharge. Primarily it is sold in the Chinese market which will be also sold later in Europe and other Asian countries starting from 2021.

Are you excited by the electric future of the auto making or would you rather stick to your Diesel SUV. Don’t forget to comment below your favourite electric crossover. For more good reads and on electric cars click on the links given below.

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