Top 10 Electric Cars of The Future Part 2

Top 10 Electric Cars of The Future Part 2

As 2019 was the most expected year for Electric Cars in India it turned out to be exciting when the Govt announced the EV Budget boost and auto-makers promises to deliver all electric vehicles to the market. While some EV makers are busy with production and logistics others are still at the drawing boards working on new design and refining prototypes. Today we are going to cover the part 2 of the Top 10 Electric Cars of the Future. If you missed reading the Top 10 Electric Cars of the Future part 1 click here for the story and remember to subscribe with us for future updates on upcoming EV news and more.

Infiniti QX Inspiration Concept

The Detroit Auto show has long been Infiniti’s favourite platform for presenting new production models and concept vehicles. After all the brand was first unveiled at this Auto show. In 2019 the company did not break the tradition and celebrated its 30th anniversary by presenting its first fully electric SUV concept named QX Inspiration. The concept previews an actual production midsize SUV that is rumoured to hit the market some time before 2024. It also debuts Infiniti’s new highly modular platform and its Japanese design language both of which will be used for a whole range of electric vehicles in the future. The company revealed no technical specifications of the model instead they focused on showing off its muscular exteriors with clamshell doors and 22 inch wheels and the inviting lounge like cabin with pillar to pillar wide screen display and leather trimmed steering wheel with an integrated screen.

GAC Motor Entranze Concept

GAC Motors are one of the largest auto makers in China that plans to enter the American market in early 2020. In January 2019 the company’s R&D division based in California presented their first creation. A seven passenger EV proudly named the Entranze. The concept showcased the bullet shaped exterior with sliding glass doors and looks nothing like a traditional SUV. Instead it is more similar to a minivan SUV Hybrid with unique three plus two seating layout. It was designed to deliver the ultimate road trip experience that features a comfortable user friendly cabin packed with high tech functions. It comes equipped with a large head up display, built-in voice assistance and two separate side mounted infotainment screens one for the driver and one for the front seat passengers. The technical side of the Entranze concept remains a mystery as GAC did not release any battery or motor specifications.

Nissan IMS Sedan EV

This is a new concept of an electric sport sedan which was unveiled by Nissan the 2019 North American international motor show. The concept expands intelligent mobility line of Nissan semi-autonomous vehicle which also includes 2017 spin motion and 2018 X-motion. The new ev features dual electric motors with all wheel drive and a fast charging 115 kilowatt our battery that generates 483 horsepower and IMS has promised for 611 kilometers of rage when fully charged. In addition Nissan claims the new concept will be the first vehicle to showcase the new invisible to visible technology that analyses the space around the curve and highlights elements like traffic signs and pedestrians. The technology also include the Metaverse function that uses A or B option to project an augmented reality avatar on the passenger seat.

Audi PB18 E-Tron

This electric hyper car was inspired by the Audi’s previous successor at the Lemans and the company’s famous R18 racer. This project is a test to establish Audi’s presence not only on the market of mass production EV’s but within the performance segment as well. The PB18 E-Tron has been confirmed for limited edition of 50 units and will be arriving in 2020.  If the German automakers deliver it on time this will be the world’s first solid state battery automobile. It’s three electric motor will produce 670 horsepower and 764 horsepower as over boost in standard driving conditions. One of the unique technologies implemented in this vehicle is the E-Trons cabin layout, which lasts the entire cockpit to be shifted to the centre making the vehicle feel more like a racer.

Mercedes Benz Vision Urbanetic

The new mobility concept from Mercedes benz blures the line between the passenger and commercial vehicles. In essence the Vision Urbanetic is an all-electric fully autonomous platform that can carry modules with either cargo or people in the ride sharing form almost 12 passengers could be transported to their destination and as a cargo van Urbanetic can move up to 10 Epell pallets. The dimension of the vehicle remains rather compact due to the absence of the driver cabin it is just 17 feet long. This futuristic Mercedes will operate under a single intelligent network reacting to the conditions in real life without human supervision for example if some of the junction points get over crowded and additional unit from the Urbanatic fleet will be dispatched to satisfy the increased transportations demands.

Honda Urban EV Concept

Do you remember the gorgeous retro concept Urban EV that was presented by Honda back in the day good news is it has been approved for production and will be actually arriving to the market within 2019. Though the concept has a three door design, the final version will get  five door hatchback construction instead which was inspired by the first generation of the Civic. The electric range will be announced after the release but as per the insights from Honda employee should be around 250 kilometres which is not impressive but good enough for a city car. The Urban EV

BMW 7-Series Plug-in Hybrid

Before the rise of new cars going fully electric, the automotive world will go through a series of plug-in hybrid transformations. That is why they recently released new generation of the BMW 7-series with 3 variants under PHEV modification It comes in the form of six-cylinder in-line gasoline engine and an electric motor that combined delivery of 394 horsepower with the top speed electronically limited to 250 kilometres per hour enhanced by the all-wheel drive.  This premium sedan is equipped with a 12 kilowatt per hour battery which is good for approximately 50 kilometres of emission free driving. Disregarding the questionable design choice of a massive grill this BMW is expected to become a worthy plug-in Hybrid.

Vera Volvo Electric Autonomous Truck

With all the factors indicate that in the future both local and long distance transportation volumes will be navigable going up to meet the rising demand. Volvo trucks are determined to bring the world one of the first fully autonomous truck called VERA. This Volvo will probably cover local deliveries only and industrial hauling over short distances. The technical characteristics are still known but are expected to match those of the currently operational Volvo FL electric which is optional 100 to 300 kilowatt per hour battery and up to 300 kilometers of range.

Mini Electric

The Mini brand enjoys the loyalty and love of its customers who are ready to pay premium that is why an electrified model from this manufacturer which definitely will not fall into affordable category is still expected to succeed. The release for the production version of the three door hatchback based on the Mini Electric concept is scheduled for 2019 celebrating its 60th anniversary. There is no official information about the technical specs but most likely it will source the tech from the latest BMW i3 meaning a 170 horsepower and 42 kilowatt per hour battery good for 320 kilometres range. The car will get a distinctive exterior look with bright yellow bodywork and aerodynamic wheels for improved efficiency.

2019 Fiat Centoventi Concept

On FIAT’s 120th Birthday, they presented a brand new concept in the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. It’s called the Centoventi Cocept, which means “one hundred and twenty” in English. With this revolutionary concept the car gets a fully electric drivetrain with 5 Battery packs under the floor. Each battery pack offers 100 kilometres of range and depending on your driving need you can purchase or add an additional pack at any time. The Centoventi will be a compact four door city car which also gives the owners to personalize the interiors from 250 colours of choice. Fiat claims this modular battery design will make it a “the least expensive BEV on the market”, but no dates have been released regarding the production and launch.

Tesla Roadster

Disregarding the supercar price tag that the new Tesla Roadster carries it is still the most anticipated vehicle of the year 2020. The model is expected to undercut performance brands in the like of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mclaren and Porsche. Since the promised performance specifications are truly mind blowing, the promised 0-100 should take 1.9 seconds might actually get the Roadster a crown of one of the fastest track racer of all time. Moreover the 250 miles per hour top speed also reserves the seats for this automobile on pantheon of top speed somewhere behind Koenigsegg Agera. The all new Tesla will get a 3 electric motor power train with all-wheel drive capability that connects to a 200 kilowatt hour battery the expected range should be 1000 kilometers at highway speeds.

I hope we managed to excite you about the upcoming electric vehicles. Please share you thought and concerns about the inevitable EV revolution in the comment section below.

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