Top 10 Electric Cars of the future Part 1

Top 10 Electric Cars of The Future Part 1

Electric Cars are welcomed as the destiny of auto making. We all agree to this fact with this notion and today we take you on a trip to the days beyond of top 10 electric cars of the future. We have listed out some of the top 10 Astonishing innovations and mechanical development in the world of electric cars coming our way. So get amped up for the most stunning electric cars models that have been introduced to the world. Also, please remember to stay connected by subscribing to our daily newsletters. Enjoy the Ride!


BMW’s all new VISION I NEXT is the all-electric compact SUV which is expected to enter the market by 2021 as the company’s technology flagship model. I-NEXT is a modern mixture of design with its windshield seamlessly blending to the rear giving it an all-panoramic roof. Its restyled double kidney grills servers as a panel for the car sensors. The concept consists of three elements. Voice controlled intelligence assistance, Intelligence materials and intelligence beam offering interactive projection screen. The concept presents the driver to choose between 2 driving modes, Boost & Ease. The boost mode provides optimal performance setting for zero emission driving under the drivers select control while in Ease mode the autopilot takes over and transforms the cabin into a favourite space for relaxations and entertainment. The interior finish with wood and leather promotes the idea of Shy-technology which is only visible when you needed. In addition to all this, BMW is also planning to develop its own battery technology with Chinese firm CATL and preparing for a real improvement


Based on the 2019 edition of the Chevy’s Ecopo Camero the concept vehicle is an electric concept of the race car. The Allegro conversion was done in collaboration with Hancock and Lane Racing Team and aims to showcase the potential of electrified powertrain and performance segment. The Ecopo Camaro has an electric motor comprised of two Borg Warner power units which delivers more than 700 Horse power and 800 NW of torque in total. According to Chevy’s estimate this allows it to run a quarter mile in under 9 seconds. The Camaro also features an 800 Volt battery pack that unlike any other battery previously produced by GM is assembled from four separate 200 volt modules. In addition to having a better power output such a battery can be charged much faster than regular 400 volt modules.


This is the company’s most recent compact crossover offering that is expected to hit the market in the second half of 2020. E-TENSE is powered by 50 kwH battery that feeds 100 kwH electric motor and can deliver up to 300 KM range in the European spec. Despite having quite modest performance characteristics the cross boasts of host of a small convenience details that create unique user experience. These include drive and park assists, regenerative braking, new heads up display, 10.3 inch HD touch screen and retractable door handles with proximity keyless entry. As a standard the car comes with 11 kilowatt wall charger with a full charge of five hours but also gets a fast charger option that replenishes 80% of the battery charge in 30 minutes. 


Roland Gumpert founder of Apollo automobile and now the cofounder of a new Shanghai based auto manufacture called AI-WAYS. Many people would call a start-up if not for the initial investment of 1.5 billion Euros by a certain Chinese industrialist. Looking at the menacing looks it also gets a unique powertrain to alarm the future of auto-making. The Nathalie is fuelled by pure methanol which is converted to Hydrogen which in turn is passed through the fuel cell to generate electricity. With the output of four wheels hub motors equals to 400-800 horsepower depending on the configuration and results in 300 KM top speed and 2.5 seconds 0-60 plus the range varies between unimaginable 800 km to 1200 km if driven economically.


The futuristic concept of EZ-ULTIMO showcased at 2018 Paris Motor Show the home platform of Renault, as far from a usual car as a part of the company’s concept trilogy of shared mobility vehicles which also includes easy go and easy pro. The EZ-ULTIMO is fully electric and autonomous. In fact it has no driver seat at all and features the level four driving automation technology. With the length of 18.7ft and height of only 4.4ft the concept looks like a limo supercar hybrid. The upper part of its body in made of 600 diamond shaped facets working as a one way mirror and providing the desired privacy to the passengers. The Ultimo can accommodate three people and looks like a snug living room on the inside. The luxurious interior features wooden floor, Marble band and leather seats. The cabin has ambient lighting for more intimacy while its transparent ceiling creates a canopy like feel. The estimated full charge range of EZ-Ultimo is expected around 500 KM.

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Based on the Audi RS3 this concept vehicle from the German automotive supplier SCHAEFFLER 4E PERFORMANCE is designed to demonstrate how the most forward thinking electric ride technology can be unified in to the regular gasoline production model. The resulting automobile is powered by four Formula E electric motors heading 1180 Horsepower and 1280 Nm of torque and getting the racer from 0-200 KM in 7 seconds. The motors are organized into a pair of twin axles while each motor is delivering torque to its individual wheel. The power supplied by two batteries for the combined capacity of 64kwH . This could be the one where the future racer will have to beat.


Probably one of the oddest looking concepts revealed in 2018. DS X E-Tense is a symmetrical three seated vehicle with an autonomous mode and Formula E tech under the hood. Its drivetrain consists of two front electric motors delivering 540 horsepower and an electric battery that are located in the rear of the car. DS X E-Tense is also equipped with racing technology that enables it to function in a circuit mode increasing the power output to 1360 horsepower. The car has specially designed bespoke chassis, carbon fibre monocoque body construction with two different door styles, Gull wing at the passenger side and scissors at the driver side. This amazing concept is expected to go into production in coming 5 years.


Giogretto Giugiaro is a legendary Italian automobile designer who has worked on popular supercars and everyday vehicles for many decades. At the age of 80 he still hasn’t retired and keeps fulfilling his life time passion, this time in the form of a futuristic electric car GFG SIBYLLA which honour’s his mother’s name. As per the electric capabilities it gets 536 horsepower electric motor connected to 100kwH battery with 450 KM of range. 0-60 takes 4.5 Seconds and the top speed is 200 KMH. Giugiaro and Envison a Chinese company said there is a very little chance to put into production as the infrastructure to build it will be very expensive to scale.


The new mobility concept from Mercedes baits the lives between the passenger and commercial vehicles. In essence this Vision Urbanetic is an all-electric full independent stage that can convey modules with either load or individuals. The ride sharing structure 12 traveler could be shipped to their goal and as a load van the Urbanetic can climb to 10 Epal pallets. The element of the vehicle remains fairly minimized because of the nonappearance of the driver’s lodge that is only 17 feet long. The futuristic Mercedes will operate under a single intelligence network reacting to the conditions in real life without human’s supervision for example the junction points get over crowded an additional unit from the fleet will be dispatched to satisfy the increased transportation demands.


Peugeot unveiled the new version of the future of automobiles at the 2018 Paris Motor Show as environmentally conscious and technologically advanced means of transportation, the PEUGEOT E-LEGEND. Both inside and out the concept is inspired by the 504 coupe the brands classic model from the 1970’s. It has a wide wind shield a sharp silhouette and signature lion claws in the taillights. Plus the cabin holds luxury velvet upholstery paired with the wood finish in the upper parts, doorways and panels. Most importantly the concept comes with an idea of I cockpit which chooses autonomous driving technology with four driving modes. Off course the E-Legend is all electric with over 450 horsepower and 670 NM of torque under the hood. A fast charge option gives 600 KM range.

Welcome back to the present day and I hope you enjoyed the glimpse into the electrified Electric Cars future of auto-making. If you like our views don’t forget to leave your thoughts & comments down below and share this with your friends to promote electric cars for the Future.

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