Top 10 Cheapest Electric Cars

Top 10 Cheapest Electric Cars

According to our research the affordable electric cars segment globally is all ready to launch in 2020. Today we list out the top 10 cheapest electric cars that you can expect in 2020. We will be covering the price, performance, ranges and other important specifications. And yes all these cars are much cheaper than Tesla Model 3. Enjoy the Green ride!

Mini Cooper SE

The first ever electric Mini was unveiled in 2008 which was basically a conversion of a gasoline model and only 600 units were built at that time. BMW took more than a decade to green flag the production of the car. It is named the SE and expect it to arrive in mid-2020 to the dealerships. This electrified hatchback has a sporty fascia, a rear bumper with no exhaust, bright yellow accents and 17 inch asymmetrical design alloy wheels. The drive train is borrowed from the i3 featuring a 184 horsepower motor and a 32.6 kWh battery providing 210 kilometers of range. Like always they are unlimited options to customize with 3 different trims to choose from.

Honda E

This Lovable hatchback from Honda has been received by far the favourite choice by critics and buyers alike ever since its debut as a concept in 2017. Now it is production ready and set to start deliveries to customers in mid-2020. The Honda will be a four door hatchback which still keeps the retro look inspired by the first generation Civic. Unlike the prototype model the final model will get 16 inch alloys and the grill badge will not be illuminated. This super mini can accommodate four passengers and come packed with high tech features. It replaces the standard side mirrors with cameras to ensure better aerodynamics. On the inside it adds a new central camera mirror system to improve the rear view. The car is powered by 35.5 kWh battery which produce 154 horsepower motor with 198 kilometers of range. Expected price 29 thousand Euros (23 lac)

KIA Soul

Although visibly revised on the outside the new generation KIA Soul EV retained its funky looks but entering the 2020 model here has a much more solid electric car. Undoubtedly the major upgrade is the new 64 kWh battery that provides 391 kilometers of range which is two times better than the predecessor. The extra juice allowed to implement a more powerful front mounted motor which now makes 200 horsepower and covers 0-60 in 7 seconds flat. Going back to the exteriors, the EV’s most noticeable changes includes a redesigned rear fascia, new LED headlamps and a front charging port on the driver’s side. Price is not been confirmed yet but expected to be around (23 lac)

Peugeot E208

The E208 is the brands new generation modular platform which is powered by 136 horsepower electric motor juiced by 50 kWh battery pack. On a full charge you can achieve 302 kilometers of range with 3 charging modes. The E208 will be available only in the top GT trim, so it comes with standard Alcantara upholstery, park and assistance, 10 inch infotainment and Peugeot’s 3DI cockpit instrument panel. Expected price will be around 28 thousand Euros (22 Lac)

Hyundai IONIQ Electric

Though the sales still restricted to California The IONIQ Electric is among the few affordable that you soon expect it to buy globally. In 2020 we can expect it to arrive with this face lift. On the outside the most noticeable changes are refreshed front and rear bumpers with the new designed grill and a new 16 inch alloys, however more important are the models powertrain updates. Instead of the old motor it now features a 38 kWh battery which according to Hyundai should offer around 275 kilometers of range. On the inside the styling is rather subtle you get the 10 inch screen for your touchscreen navigation. Price is yet to be confirmed, we expect it to be around 28 thousand Euros (22 Lac).

Nissan Leaf

Although the old Leaf had already proven to be one of the most popular EV’s on the market the arrival of the second generation model in 2017 made its solid position bringing the total global sales numbers to 400,000 (4lac) units in 2019. The car is equipped with 40 kWh battery generating 147 horsepower. Along with its standard tech we should highlight its automatic emergency braking, cruise control and the very effective regenerating braking. In addition the car has a E-Paddle function that allows you to accelerate and slow down using a single paddle. The leaf offer 243 kilometers of range according to EPA test cycle. The price is also pretty high compared to the Hyundai Kona which is 30 thousand Euros expected (23 Lac).


This electrical hatchback is treated by VW as true peoples EV that should establish the company as one of the world’s leaders in EV production. This newcomer will be the right appeal to EV drivers, finally offering a low price entry-level electric car with appealing looks and decent range and features as well as higher and long range variants with VW premium specs. Initially a 58 kWh battery pack with 386 kilomaters of range will go on sale but later on two more power will be introduced a 300 kilometers 45 kWh and 500 kilometers 77 kWh. The shortest range priced model will be under 30 thousand Euros (24 Lac).


Since Skoda belongs to the VW group it sure share characteristics with the parent companies UP! This city electric hatchback is brought to life by a single 83 horsepower electric motor channeled to the front wheels. The battery has 36.8 kWh capacity and should be good for 235 kilometers of range. Price is yet to be out but mostly this model will also share the same specs with the sister company Seat.

Renault ZOE

When it comes to the looks the best seller EV from the French automaker has remained literally unchanged since its launch in 2012. But this model is still characterized by the constant innovations when it comes to the range and tech features. In 2020 we can expect a another better upgrade boosting the battery capacity to 52 kWh and also improving the one charge distance to 363 kilometers of range. However the ZOE’s reveal should be overlooked by the buyers who are looking for the most affordable compact electric mini instead they have to focus on starter model in the line-up. Price is expected to be around 25 thousand euros (20Lac).

VW E-UP! Gen 2

The second generation of E-UP! Was over shadowed by the whole media buzz that surrounds the new ID3, but in reality it is an interesting model that served as one of the faces of the electric city commute for many years. Literally unchanged on the outside the newcomer turns out to be better where it truly matters. The range goes up to 233 kilometers when it is fully charged while the price goes down to the attractive 22 thousand Euros (17Lac) before subsidies. The power train was shared by the previous generation which is a 83 horsepower motor that can do 130 kilometers per hour with 0-60 in 11 seconds.

Renault K-ZE

This French automaker has been pretty successful with their electric cars line up which includes bestsellers like the ZOE Hatchback and Kangoo minivan. In 2020 the company is adding a new mini city car that offers crossover like styling, great ground clearance, ample cargo room and enough passengers’ space up to five. Powered by a small 44 horsepower 26 kWh battery it is built solely for city driving. It offers 170 kilometers of real world range and cannot exceed more than 15 kilometers per hour. The K-ZE will be initially released only in china first but Renault says it will soon be a Global EV so likely we can expect it soon on our roads. K-ZE will be manufactured in China and will be available in 3 modifications.

Many of these electric cars are targeting European and Asian markets only. So it looks like this certainly does crack the code of affordable EV buyers might get what they want in electric cars. We hope you liked our top 10 cheapest electric cars coming in 2020, you can also have a quick read of more amazing electric cars content by following the links below. Enjoy the electric ride.

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