Top 10 Autonomous Electric Cars

The electric car market is booming right now. While Tesla is trying to monopolize the market, other manufacturers are still at the drawing boards working on new designs and refining prototypes and presenting their vision cars of the future with autonomous. What will Tesla’s Competition look like in the near future? We’d like to present the top 10 autonomous electric cars, and exciting electric car concepts that we think should make it to the production.


Audi ELAINE has the 4th level autopilot that now allows hands-free operation of the car at the speed of 130 kilometers per hour which includes lane switching and overtaking. The powertrain is still presented by 3 electric motors, with two of them on the rear axels and the combined output is 503 horsepower, resulting in 0-100 in 4.5 seconds time. Range is 312 miles, due to the use of a high capacity 95-kilowatt hour battery. The car is controlled through a smartphone and you will be aided by a personal intelligent assistant.

Smart Vision EQ

Driverless two-seater Smart Vision EQ ForTwo is the city car of the future. Daimler believes that these vehicles will be used for smart car sharing in the nearest future. EQ ForTwo will get a 30-kilowatt hour battery that will allow almost constant operation throughout the day ad if the charge is low it will automatically go to the station. The interiors are high tech but at the same time minimalistic. The deadline that is set by the company is the year 2022. So hopefully Vision EQ will be on the roads by then.

Borgward Isabella

Borgward Isabella concept is powered by a signature E-Propulsion powertrain that consists of two synchronous e-motors, each dedicated to one of the axels. Combined output is measured at 299 horsepower which is enough to push this all-wheel drive vehicle to 100 KPH in 4.5 seconds and the speed is electronically topped at 250 KPH. The range parameter is at 500 kilometers, that is enhanced by a fast-charging capability of up to 80% in just 30 minutes. Now Isabella is just a concept but a promising one.

Mercedes Benz EQA

EQA is built on the modular platform that will be used or a new EV lineup and will allow flexible reshaping of the future models by altering motors, bodies, and batteries. EQA is a three-door all-electric vehicle with interesting design features, two motors on each axle with a combined output of 272 horsepower. The installed battery was produced to store a 60-kilowatt hour battery charge, ensuring 400 kilometers of range, and every 10 minutes spent at the station will add 100 kilometers of driving range.

Skoda Vision E

This model will be built on the Volkswagen MEB modular platform that was specifically designed for the EVs of the future for various brands of this automotive giant. Its an SUV that will be equipped with 2 e-motors with the combined output of 300 horsepower, that will set acceleration from 0-100 KPH in 6 seconds with the top speed of 200 KPH. Overall driving range will be at 500 kilometers. Vision E will be fit with the third level autopilot that will monitor the driver’s heartbeat and take over the steering in emergency situations.

Alcraft GT

Alcraft GT is a high-performance luxury two-door hatchback that can be configured to accommodate 2-4 people. It uses a powerful three-motor configuration. This set up makes 608 horsepower which allows 0-100 KPH in 3.5 seconds. For better handling all-wheel drive and torque vectoring systems were implemented. As for the range qualities the talk goes about 383 kilometers on a single charge and a possible extended range modification.

Jaguar Future Type

Jaguar Future Type concept that is supposed to arrive in the 2040s embodies the future of completely autonomous lightweight cars’ ultimate on-demand mobility. Jaguar leaves a possibility for the driver to assume controls of the car with a smart steering wheel “sayer”, that will be able to communicate with the driver. Sayer can also follow commands and act as a personal assistant. With this car, Jaguar is playing with an idea of shared car ownership with personalized experience.  

Renault Symbioz

Renault is pursuing the idea of enhanced cooperation and synchronization of future cars with smart houses, city infrastructure and other automobiles on the road. Designers at Renault embodied this vision in their Symbioz concept has an incredibly spacious interior with four seats, the front two of which are rotatable. Since this auto EV has the 5th level of autonomy, the driver can relax and join the conversation with the passengers in the living room like environment.


AICON is the electric 5-door 4-seater hatch with the 5th generation autopilot that enables complete autonomy. So don’t expect to find a steering wheel or pedals inside. Since AICON will be primarily used for daily commute and travel, it focuses on long-range driving that reaches 800 kilometers and 30 minutes of fast charging of 80% battery. The combined output of the four electric motors is a 260-kilowatt hour or 354 horsepower, not much but just enough for safe smooth daily rides.

BMW I Vision Dynamics

On paper this concept should be able to cover 600 kilometers on a single charge and on the road is fast enough to surpass 193 KPH speeds and sprint from 0-100 in 4 seconds. Design innovation includes a distinct glass line and the special grill that no longer plays any air intake role but serves as a smart surface covered with sensors. The BMW I Vision Dynamics concept has great chances to become a reality by 2021, as BMW plans to introduce 12 new electrified car models by year 2025.

I hope we managed to excite you about the top 10 autonomous electric cars. Please share your thought and concerns about the inevitable EV revolution in the comment section below.

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