Tesla’s Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck

This is IT! Tesla just unveiled its most awaited electric truck The Cybertruck, with the performance better than a premium sports car and better utility than any other truck in the world. The Cybetruck will be available in three versions single motor RWD at USD 39,900, dual motor AWD at USD 49,900  and tri-motor AWD at USD 69,900. When can you buy one? The Cybertruck production will reportedly start late 2021 and already 200,000 orders are in and growing fast.


Cybertruck has three motor options. The single motor RWD can make 0-60 mph in less than 6.5 seconds and has a towing capacity of over 7,500 pounds. The dual-motor AWD is good for 0-60 mph in less than 4.5 seconds and boasts of a towing capacity of more than 10,000 pounds. The tri-motor AWD will go from 0 to 60 mph in less than 2.9 seconds and gets a towing capacity of 14,000 pounds. The new Cybertruck single motor RWD has a range of over 250 miles, while the dual-motor AWD gets a range of more than 300 miles.

Tesla Cybertruck comes with an ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled stainless-steel body and armour glass. The vehicle has up to 3,500 pounds of payload capacity and features an adaptive air suspension that can be raised and lowered four inches in either direction. The Cybertruck gets vault-like lockable storage. The cabin can accommodate six adults. There is a 17-inch touchscreen with an all-new customised user interface. Also, the second row has additional storage.

The tremendous interest in the Cybertruck features an ultra-hard 30Xcold-rolled stainless-steel body and armoured glass. The vehicle comes with an adaptive air suspension that can be raised and lowered four inches in either direction. As many as six adults can fit in the cabin of the electric pickup truck. Besides, there is a 17-inch touchscreen with an all-new customised user interface.


Apart from this amazing Cybertruck comes a stunning surprise when lead designer Franz von Holzhausen smashed two of the vehicle’s “armoured glass” windows onstage in front of an audience with a metal ball. It certainly wasn’t the outcome CEO Elon Musk was expecting, who could be heard muttered “oh my fucking god” faintly before being forced to complete his presentation in front of the fractured panes.

But Musk later explained what went wrong on Twitter. Right before the metal ball test, von Holzhausen used a sledgehammer to smashed the door and that impact “cracked base of the glass,” which is why the windows subsequently smashed when hit by the metal ball. Still, the surprisingly high number of Cybertruck pre-orders suggests that Tesla’s marketing strategy is working.

What happened next? Elon Musk took a big swipe at Ford during the unveiling of the Cybertruck. Mid-presentation, he played a video of a Cybertruck pulling an F-150 in what was pitched as a head-to-head contest. Many have questioned if it was a fair fight, including Sundeep Madra, VP of Ford X, the automaker’s venture incubator. Madra tweeted to Elon Musk today, calling for Tesla’s CEO to send Ford a Cybertruck to do an “apples to apples” test. Update: Elon Musk responded. Hopefully this happens. And then happens again when Ford launches its electric F-150 that recently pulled (not towed) over 1 million pounds.


Tesla exceeded the expectations when it comes to utility, performance, and specs. In my opinion I love it, because it’s nothing like you have ever seen before. The Cybertruck reflects to a whole new generation and community of buyers who sees the future by being in it and empathize with Elon and Franz and the rest of the Tesla team.

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