Electric Pick-Up Rivian R1T

Electric Pick-Up Rivian R1T

According to US environments protection agency, transportation accounts for about 15% of global emissions and in United States the largest source of Co2 emissions mostly comes for pick-up trucks and SUVs but thanks to the electric vehicles manufacturers the statistic is going to be changed soon, since all electric vehicles produce zero direct emissions. This specifically helps improve air quality in urban areas and reduce ecological damage.

Electric Adventure Pick-Up

To help accelerate the process California based start-up RIVIAN is launching its first all-electric pick-up truck called The R1T (it’s a MADMAX!) Unlike other electric vehicles start-ups Rivian automotive has been prepared for this moment for about ten years and already acquired a former Mitsubishi factory in Normal Illinois to secure mass production of its vehicles. The five passenger vehicle with its impressive specifications is going to compete with gas powered pick-up trucks on the market. The company classifies it as an electric adventure vehicle that looks for a burst and rugged but at the same time its sophisticated and intelligent.

The Juice

Rivian electric drive delivers a remarkable power and torques through four independent motors on each wheel, giving the R1T all-wheel-drive capability. It comes with 3 different battery pack options which have the highest capacity of any other passenger electric vehicle. The biggest version will have a 180 kilowatt hour’s capacity that will enable the truck to achieve 640 kilometres on a single charge. Rivian will also offer 105 kilowatt hours and 135 kilowatt hours battery pack variants with 370 and 480 kilometres of range respectively. One of the impressive features is that the different choices of battery packs match different power levels. With all that power and torque it allows this mammoth vehicle to 0-100 in incredible 3 seconds, which qualifies the R1T the Quickest pick-up in the world.

Creature Comforts

Besides the incredible performance the R1T comes with high tech utility features. The minimalist digital dashboard will not only monitor the performance efficiency and safety of the vehicle but will also learn driver preferences and adapt to the driving habits. The company promises a fully upgradable platform with over the air software updates and said; level three autonomy capable-hardware which will come standard on every Rivian vehicle, this feature will allow them to have self-driving capability. In addition one of the key features of the truck is the amount of lockable storage that reaches around 1,000 litres overall. The company describes this as a lockable gear tunnel that extends by the entire width of the truck and provides more than 350 litres storage area. The Rivian R1T prices start from Rs. 48 lakh and will be delivered in late 2020 (Expected Price)


The R1T will not be the only electric Pick-up launching in 2020 as Elon Musk promised to launch the Tesla’s own Pick-up truck that is supposed to be in production coming 2020. Elon Musk said this will be six passenger vehicles with super futuristic design that will have estimated driving range of 600-800 kilometres. May be even more; let us hope it will also be quicker just like the R1T. Now that will be a cracker!

2020 will be the year of electric pick-up trucks and SUVs. Would like to experience the thrill of navigating the world in an electric adventure vehicle? Tell us in the comment section below.

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