Lightyear One Solar Powered Car

Lightyear One Solar Powered Car

Welcome to the dawn of Lightyear One. Today we have something unusual and something exciting for the crazy environmentalist that we all are. A start-up company from Netherlands presented for very first time ever a solar powered luxury saloon which drives under its own power. It is called the Lightyear Car solar powered car which is absolutely extraordinary as it is partially solar powered as the entire car is cover with efficient solar panels which makes this a hyper energy efficient luxury saloon. Oooh am quite excited!

Solar Powered

The Lightyear One is planned for arket release in 2020, the car with solar panel on the roof will debut with the prototype that anticipates a production model initially meant for small volumes.


The Lightyear One Price is high, it will come around 1 Crore ($135,000) and the production plan is announced with limited numbers. The Signature Edition will be produce 10 units by early 2020 followed by Pioneer Edition with 100 units in 2020. You can start with booking the car with an advance of Rs. 16 lac.


The lightyear One uses four independent motors for each wheel which reduce as much as possible over the mechanical parts. The manufacturers claims a range upto 400/800 kilometers of autonomy depending on the chosen battery.


The Body is made out of CFRP (carbon-fiber reinforced plastic) and aluminium which makes the car even lighter. With the reduced weight the aerodynamics is improved by 15%-20% compared to the best cars in the market today. The battery is more compact and lighter compared in circulation today. The real deal is the car is covered with five square meters of solar panels placed on its roof and hood which helps in charging the car’s battery with upto 12kilometers of range an hour. The solar cells are encased in safety glass to protect them from any kind of damage. These solar cell are 20% more efficient than traditional models currently running in the market.


In the future electric cars will have to prove their long life span with lowest running cost by the kilometre when it becomes more accessible to everyone. Lightyear as a team seems to be ready to achieve this goal in coming years. Yes, you may point out regarding the price which is too high and may be even consider having our own solar panels installed on our house for charging other electric cars available in the market. But, the reason this car is here is because it is a break though car looking at solar powered energy conversion system. Even if it is a slightest percentage change it does makes a huge difference when applied to all the cars. In the end it gives us enormous satisfaction watching energy efficient vehicles get the recognition it deserves. Indeed, it is an amazing adventure for the Lightyear team.

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