Best Electric Cars of 2020

Are electric cars still the wave of the future in India? Car makers seem to think so. From retro to futuristic, electric cars are coming out in droves. Today we are bringing you 10 Best Electric Cars of 2020 and beyond.

10. Aston Martin Lagonda

Aiming to rival Bentley and Rolls Royce, Aston Martin is re-launching the Lagonda Brand and it will fully embrace modern technology and efficiency of the electric car design with a quite zero emission drive train. Launched as a level four full-autonomy vehicle with self-driving technology built into the architecture of the car, the saloon will be the first of two Lagonda models that are inspired by the vision concept to hit the market in 2020. This will have batteries that are mounted into the floor, two electric motors driving all four wheels, two front seats that can spin around to face the rear passenger’s seats, plenty of leg room for passengers in the back and a range of 643 Kilometers, with a full wireless recharge of the batteries in 15 minutes. It is estimated that the Lagonda Vision concept is 70-80% of what the final car could include, with all the parts being viable for production

9. Mercedes EQC

Looking close to the EQ concept, Mercedes is launching the EQC all electric sub brand that will include two electric motors that put 408 horsepower, and four wheel drive for a range of 450 Kilometers, and a top speed of 178 Kilometers per hour. The front motor will have the most efficiency while the rear motor is optimized for better take off speed. This was also fitted with a 7.4 kilowatt on-board water cooled charger and will do from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in 5.1 seconds. The blue LED headlights with black matt background and blue lettering make this instantly recognizable as an EQ model. The rear end has a full length light bar that wraps around the back of the car. Keeping a low center of gravity with improved crash safety, the 80 kilowatt hour lithium ion battery weighs just over 635 kilograms. With a release date of early 2020, this will have a expected price of round 60 – 65 Lakh.

8. NIO ES8

The Nio is a China based start-up led by CEO William Lee that has raised over $1 billion in funding thanks to tech giant Tencent, and had help from all over the world including California and Europe. The NIO ES8 is an all-wheel drive electric vehicle that has two 240 kilowatt motors and gets a range of up to 500 kilometers at 60 kilometers per hour.  0-100 in 4.4 seconds and has a top speed pf 180 kilometers per hour. This is the product of three years of designing an electric SUV and even includes an artificial intelligence driven personal assistance that learns your preferences. The ES8 will have battery swapping for the 70 kilowatt hour liquid cooled battery and NIO says they’ll build a network of 1,100 fast charging stations in China by 2020.  The expected price of these will start out at 80 lakh. 

7. Porsche Mission E Taycan

Porsche debuted it’s all electric Mission E sedan concept two years ago, later promising it’d go into production as the Taycan, which is slightly different form the concept. The concept all electric drive train consists of two magnet synchronous motors at each axle, with a combined out put of more than 600 horsepower, the concept hit 100 kilometers in 3.5 seconds and 200 kilometers per hour in 12 seconds. The Taycan will be offered with choice of lithium ion battery packs, one offering around 80 kilowatt hours and another offering of 95 kilowatt hours and will initially be offered with three power output, 402 horsepower, 536 horsepower and 670 horsepower. Just like a Tesla, the Taycan will likely get four wheel steering and torque vectoring as well, with production starting sometime before the end of 2019 as a 2020 model year car. Porsche will offer different variants of the Taycan with a expected base price of Rs. 1.8Cr to 2 Cr. With that sky rocketing price do you think this will the best electric car of 2020?

6. Rimac

The Croatian brand Rimac first made a splash back in 2013 when it released its very first production vehicle, the Concept One. And by 2014, all eight units of the limited production run were sold. Rimac has now come out with a Concept Two, all electric two seats super car that can go from 0 – 100 in 1.85 seconds, 0- 160 kilometers in 4.3 seconds and has a time of 9.1 seconds in a quarter mile. And with 1914 horsepower, this has a top speed of 412 kilometers per hour. Four independent permanent magnet electric motors, our wheel drive with soft work controlled torque vectoring and the brakes can recover power back into the lithium manganese nickel battery, which score a 649 kilometer of range on the NEDC test and takes 30 minutes to score 80% range using a fast charger. Start of production expected in early 2020 with a limited run of 150 units.

5. Jaguar I Pace

The new Jaguar I-PACE Championship is joining with the FIA Formula E series for a new race that will happen on the streets of some of the biggest cities in the world including New York and Paris. Investing a small fortune, Jaguar aims to maintain momentum from bringing its I-PACE car to showrooms. The race car has a roll cage, racing pedals, race seat, a Cosworth digital display, a panel of switch gear with buttons for the transmission and a racing steering wheel that controls settings for the power train’s torque maps, energy recuperation and the racing anti-lock brakes. This race car has a 90 kilowatt lithium ion battery, gets 395 horsepower and 695 NM of torque. It can go from 0 – 100 kilometers in 4.5 seconds and has a max speed of 195 kilometers per hour. Teams that want to participate must have a driver that has a International C circuit race license and you need to purchase a 3.6Cr arrive and drive package.


Having just secured a $1 billion investment, LUCID Motors is teaming up with VW’s electric charging company Electrify America, which hopes to have 2,000 chargers installed on 484 sites in the US. By the end of 2019 they will produce its first electric vehicles The Lucid Air. The company claims that with unique lithium ion battery chemistry in cells developed with LG Kim and Samsung SDI, will exceed current benchmarks in power, battery life and energy density including tolerance of DC fast charging. The Air’s top model, with all wheel drive and dual motors putting out 1,000 horsepower is expected to go from 0- 100 in 2.5 seconds, have a top range of 644 kilometers and get a top speed of 378 kilometers per hour. In 2020 the Lucid will start with a rear wheel drive model that has 400 horsepower and a range of 386 kilometers. Expected price 40 – 50 Lakh. Rumor has it, this could be one of the best electric car company of 2020

3. CV1

Kalashnikov the producer of the AK-47 assault rifle, unveiled their entry into the electric car market at the army 2018 an International trade fair. The CV1 has a retro look and the body is modeled after the 2125 Combi. The Russian company says their vehicle has complex systems and revolutionary inventor and will have technology that will compare with other electric cars producers like Tesla. The CV1 will have a drive train with a 90 kilowatt hour battery that gets 680 horsepower. 0 – 100 kilometers in 6 seconds and has a range of 350 kilometers. The concept has a charging port in the rear between the tail lights, nice performance Tyre with multi-spoked wheels and a flat-nosed grill featuring stacked LED lights. No price or production date of this vehicle is know at this time.

2. Honda Urban EV

Another retro styled vehicle, the Honda Urban EV concept will e available for order early 2020 ahead of full production run starting in 2019. Honda’s first and best electric car for Europe, this will be built on a new electronic platform that will set the direction for the technology and design of their future EV’s. No power train or range details were given at the lunch but Honda says that the car would include integrated heat management and energy transfer function; a high density lightweight battery pack and a source at Honda suggested a short to middle range of 250 kilometers is expected. This is likely to have a standard cabin with five seats, a simplistic design with significant glass areas, regular doors and a set of wing mirrors making it to production. While it’s too early for pricing, Honda had said the car will not be cheap and they would position it as a premium model.

1 . Jaguar Classic E-type ZERO

Jaguar Land Rover Classic announced the production of electric powered E-Type Jaguars and the provision of electric power conversion services for existing E-Types. Wow talk about best electric cars of 2020. The entire battery pack and drie train swaps in and out in place of the original siz cylinder engine and gearbox and has the same size, weight and location ensuring the weight distribution is identical. The concept will have a digital instrument cluster and central touch screen with a more traditional cabin. A 40 kilowatt hour battery pack and with the 295 horsepower motor the car will go from 0 – 100 in less than 7 seconds with a range between 200 to 320 kilometers. Jaguar Classic will either convert an existing E-Type or source a donor vehicle that can then be rebuilt to the new owner’s specification which will cost around 3.4 Cr that are charged for one of the factory restored E-Types. Deliveries of the first E-Types vehicles are expected to start from mid-2020.

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