7 Electric Scooters for Fun

The electric car transportation and daily city commuting vehicles are evolving every day. The options of the electric scooter are growing day by day with innovative designs and exciting capabilities like the sub-folding frames, off-road capability, one-wheel designs, and many more innovations. Today we jot down a list of 7 electric scooters for fun and smart riding for city commuters.


The Ko1 is an unusual electric scooter that unlike most of its counterparts is using a mono wheel design. It has a long handle for you to grip and use , when controlling the speed and direction of your movement. With the built in 1000 watt electric motor and a 55.5 volt battery pack, this scooter can reach the speeds up to 25 kilometers and the range close to 30 kilimeters. Such Specifications enable it to tackle hills with 35% incline. The KO1 also uses a shock suspension system to offer the smoothest possible riding experience. Price $1,000.

Electric Bicar Scooter

Bicar is an innovative electric scooter that was specially designed for urban mobility sharing services. It is 10 times smaller than an average car, so such vehicles could be easily parked and rented in large cities, thus solving the road congestion issues. With the top speed of 45 kilometers per hour, this vehicle will be quite useful as delivery transportation. The three-wheel design and a protective shell make Bicar safer than other scooters on the road. Price $6,999

E Scooter by STATOR

The Stator Scooter is one of the most rugged looking fun way of transportation vehicles out there. It’s equipped with massive tyres to give more grip, better handling and stability, the 1000 watt e-motor that is responsible for the acceleration is hidden inside the rear wheel. This motor is powerful enough to reach the 40 KPH speed. The product will be offered with two battery options, good for either 15 to 30 kilometers of range. Although the scooter looks bulky and has carrying capacity of 113 kilograms, it has a folding front bar consequently; its transportation and storing should be easier.

E-Scooters by URMO

This light electric vehicle has a unique folding mechanism that enables to transform to the size of a briefcase and be easily carried around, thanks to the weight of just 6.3 kilograms. With an optional handle, riding this vehicle could be as easy as operating a regular standing scooter. Regardless of the compact size, this vehicle is still powerful enough to reach speeds up to 16 kilometers per hour and last up to 21 kilometers on a single charge. Once the battery is empty, it will take up to 2 hours to fully recharge its battery. Price $2,000

Ez-raider by Dsraider

The EZ- Raider is a buffed up electric scooter that can serve as an all-terrain riding vehicle. It is offered in a 2X4 and 4X4 models. The later combined with great ground clearance, powerfull electric motor and lightweight frame, is extremely capable, even in deep snads and on rocky terrains. Depending on the chosen version or model, you can have either 2,400 Watt or 4,800 Watt of power out put. The top of the line model offers the riding range of 80 kilometers and is powerful enough to tow a cart with cargo capacity of 136 kilograms. Price $8,500

U-JET SMART Scooters

The creators od U-Jet are trying to form a new market segment of luxury scooters. They will be powered by electric motors and enhanced with the latest high tech features. U-Jet Scooter is brought into motion by an in-wheel ultra-thin brushless motor, capable of outputting 3.6 kilowatt of power. There are two available battery options that you can choose. The smaller model could last for up to 73 kilometers, while the larger model could double this range figure and provide up 145 kilometers of riding. Riders can also enjoy available mobile App, adaptive LED lights, multiple safety features and riding sounds, so other road users can hear you approaching. Price $8,000

Velocipedo by Torrot

This full size two-seater electric scooter is presented by the manufacturer as a viable alternative to a car. When talking about urban commuting, it has three-wheel to ensure better handling and riding stability, An 8 kilowatt electric motor that can accelerate the vehicle to the speeds up to 100 kilometers per hour and a complex battery system. This system consists of 5 removable batteries with plug and play connectors for easier extraction. It also has a heat management system for better operation in warm weather conditions, so riders can expect up to 120 kilometers of range. Price $6,800

GIGI Electric Scooter

This folding electric scooters was designed to tailor the the needs of the modern city dwellers, commuters and daily rush hour travel. It is light, easy to fold thanks to its 3 step folding technology and weighs only 31 kilograms. This scooter is offred with two battery pack options. The standard pack lasts for 24 kilometers, while the longer range version will give you up to 40 kilometers of emission free riding. Price $3,300

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