7 Amazing Electric Cars part2

Experts estimates that people will switch to electric vehicles between 2025 and 2035. This phenomenon will lead to global changes in the economy and also in our lives in general, so the growing interest in electric cars is not surprising. In this context of course every successful company wants to create its own amazing electric car. So today we jot down 7 Amazing Electric Cars part2 and also explore our previous write up on 7 Amazing Electric Cars part1 as well.

GFG Style Kangaroo

One of the several wonders of Italian auto making that have been presented in 2019 this concept from GFG Style is what the creators call a hyper SUV. The model was designed and developed by the famous designer Giorgetto and Fabrizio Giugiaro and at the first glance it is a regular supercar. Its dynamics low slung and designed specifically for track plus the Kangaroo also boasts lightweight carbon-fiber body work, 22 inch wheels and beefed up powertrain. Its 90 kilowatt per hour battery powers two motors which produces a total out-put of 483 BHP. This allows it to go from 0-100 in less than 3.8 seconds and achieve the speeds to 250 kilometers limited. However the Kangaroo unique secret is the hydraulic suspension that has 3 selectable modes.

Hispano Suiza Carmen

Hispano Suiza is one the most common name in the industry in 1920s and 1930s but then the company switched to production of aircraft engines during the World War II. Now almost a century later the great grandson of the company founder Miguel Suqué Mateu plans to return the brands former glory with an all-electric current model named after his mother . The EV’s design is inspired by the 1938 Dubonnet Xenia but the car is actually built on the modern carbon-fiber monocouque chassis. The Carmen gets its power from 2 electric motors with 1000 horsepower of output. It has a top speed of 250 kilometers per hour and 0-60 time in just under 3 seconds. The company plans to build only 19 of these in the period from 2019 to 2021. And each will be priced at around 2 million dollars.

Aston Martin Loganda

Aiming to rival Bentley and Rolls Royce, Aston Martin is re-launching the Lagonda Brand and it will fully embrace modern technology and efficiency of the electric car design with a quite zero emission drive train. Launched as a level four full-autonomy vehicle with self-driving technology built into the architecture of the car, the saloon will be the first of two Lagonda models that are inspired by the vision concept to hit the market in 2020. This will have batteries that are mounted into the floor, two electric motors driving all four wheels, two front seats that can spin around to face the rear passenger’s seats, plenty of leg room for passengers in the back and a range of 643 KMS, with a full wireless recharge of the batteries in 15 minutes. It is estimated that the Lagonda Vision concept is 70-80% of what the final car could include, with all the parts being viable for production.

Drako GTE

This Silicon valley start-up company launched it model DRAKO with big promises in regards to their first model 4 seated GTE. Drako claims to provide driving dynamics and cornering precision like no other supercar in the market. The Drako was under development since 2015 but we can expect it to be launched in 2020 for a limited production run of 25 units only. This luxury GT has four electric motors on each wheel and powered by intricate system. It comes with a internal architecture of a 90kWh battery which makes 1200 horsepower. To withstand this performance many of the components are sourced from the high end manufactures in the electric vehicle market.

Bentley EXP 100 GT

Bentley is joining the 100 years club in 2019 and to celebrate the occasion the British auto maker presented their own version of the luxury automotive future and the directions the brand is going to take. Here we are looking at the Bentley 2035 but the way EV market is growing we can expect it to hit the roads much earlier. The EXP 100 GT is powered by four electric motors and an advanced battery pack sufficient for 700 kilometers of range. The car comes with massive futuristic design with the exterior mesh grill in the front consisting of 6000 led lights. 6.5 ft wide doors that opens upwards to give you that sense of arrival. On the inside you get seamlessly sustainable materials with some advance technology.

Tesla Cybertruck

Have you ever seen the Blade runner movie while what the design of Elon Musk’s new creation clearly reflects the Cybertruck vision of the future cars that people had back in 1980’s. It is hard to wrap one set around the trapezoidal exterior that seems to be made of a single metal piece that is bulletproof and features a newly developed steel alloy which is also used on Space-X Starship. This pickup will be offered in multiple configurations priced from $40,000 going up to $70,000. The spec’s for the lower end models is also impressive but the top of the line tri-motor all-wheel drive is absolutely off the charts. It should be able to cover 804 kilometers on a single charge and accelerate 0-100 in 2.9 seconds.


This the first ever electric car model introduced by British automaker since it became a apart of Chinese conglomerate Gheely, and it appears this partnership with new electric cars is going to make wonders. The Evija is the world’s lighter hyper-car with 1,680 kilograms on the scale courtesy to the ultra-light weight carbon fibre monocoque. The total output is rated upto 2000 horsepower generated with the help of four electric motors which is backed by mid mounted battery pack. The powertrain comes from Williams E-formula advanced engineering team. The Evija comes with 400 kilometers of range with a top speed of 320 kilometers per hour with 0-60 in 3 seconds. The production of Evija will be limited to only 130 units each costing around 2.5 million dollars price tag.

Since the electric powered cars are bound to take over the automotive market, I bet you must have noticed that we are entering the age of electric cars with new meaning of transportation. So what is you verdict. Do you agree that electric cars have already caught up with ICE models and overcame them on many levels? And do these 7 Amazing Electric Cars satisfy your expectations? Don’t forget to tell us which are your favourite electric car and Please share your thoughts and do not hesitate to find more quick reads down below.

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