5 Electric toys for Kids

Riding on an electric car is every child’s dream, and these are one of the best gifts we can give to a child. Most importantly it would help develop a cognitive skill of driving responsibly and have green footprint at an early stage enhancing their self-esteem too. So if you are looking for one we jot down a list of 5 electric toys for kids.

Power Wheel f150

The car that you see above is designed for young car enthusiasts from the age of three to seven years. On the outside the Power Wheels f150 repeats every little detail of the SUV Ford f-150. Just like a real off-roader it has increased cross-country ability. Unlike many other toy electric vehicles the Power Wheels f150 is able to ride on wet grass and hard and uneven surfaces safely and without shaking. Like the real f150 also comes equipped with FM Radio and Mp3 connector. Two kids can simultaneously use this car where the drivers and passengers gets seat belts as well. To ensure that parents don’t worry about the young car enthusiasts the car is equipped with parental control which is used to set the speed up to 4 kilometers per hour and control the brakes. Price $370.

Mercedes Benz Kid

The line-up of children’s electric vehicles from the company Mercedes Benz has a fairly large number of models among them there are the S63 and the V8 that cost about $360. The road controls make past time fun not only for children but also for adults. Parent can ride their kids in the car controlling its movements or allowing the child to ride it independently at the same to monitor them and ensure their safety. These cars are designed for children from 2 to 5 years old, the remarkable features include operable doors, a trunk and a built in Mp3 connector. Price $360.

Mclaren P1

The car that you see above was modeled after the famous hybrid Mclaren P1. The electric car is designed for children up to six years of age and despite its modest size is equipped with the latest technology. The mini Mclaren can accelerate up to 5 kilometers per hour in just 2 seconds. Apart from its size this compact model differs from the current Mclaren car for its capacity and cost. The toy is designed for only one passenger and has a ridiculous price tag compared to its prototype. The model hit the market in the 2016 and you can buy a mini Mclaren P1 for about $500.

Mini Truck

The world of toy electric cars pleases buyers not only with passenger cars, this is a real toy truck one of the cars on a line designed for two children. Some especially large models have a roomy enough cabin where it can even fit an adult. The Mini truck is equipped with a horn so that the child can used to the role of a driver and feel at the wheel of a real truck. Most of these models are produced in Brazil and unfortunately we couldn’t find out their price.

Tesla Model S for Kids

Two companies have worked together to create this toy car, Radio Flyer and Tesla. The manufacturer claims that this is their first and only car which uses a unique lithium-ion battery for transportation. It provides the model with a large power reserve and allows it to quickly recharge. Unlike other similar cars which need about eight hours to charge up it says the Tesla Model S takes only three hours for full charge is noteworthy the charging connector is in the place as the fuel filler cap of an ordinary car that is the process looks like the real recharging. Its worth noting that the childish Tesla Model S is similar to the adult car and its even equipped with a special protective cover. The only difference of course is the size. In the luggage compartment of the car there is a button that shifts the gears and therefore the model is suitable even for the smallest of riders. The toy car can accelerate up to maximum 10 kilometers per hour. Price$600

With the promising future of electric cars this sounds like a great move towards our clean and green future especially when we start teaching the kids at an early stage of responsibility. Which is your favorite among the top 5 electric toy for kids listed above? Please share your thought in the comments below and we know many kids are going to emotionally black mail their parents to buy one of these electric toys.

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